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How to choose the correct illustration to article?

you for certain thought that this task absolutely elementary: it is only necessary to pick up the image for the set subject and to publish. But we will try to sort this question in more detail, and you are surprised how many in this problem of various nuances. I suggest to stop on some most important aspects.

About what?

If the blogger gathers about something (or about someone) to write, then most often he already has photos of this event, a subject or the person.

But it happens that the author has a concrete subject, however there is no suitable illustration. In such cases resources on which photographers and designers place the works come to the rescue. They are called photodrains, microdrains and image banks. They are both free, and paid. Perhaps, the only advantage of the first is their free of charge. They concede in all the rest to paid: both the number of files, and their quality (professional photographers do not place the works free of charge for a long time), and originality of content. Let`s dwell upon this moment.

We perfectly understand that texts on the website have to be unique (not copied from a third-party resource, and written especially for a certain project). Why to photos and images other relation? Unless it would be pleasant to hear from the regular reader: I already ten times saw this image... there was no something more originally? . Therefore we also recommend to use services of image banks: there you will be able to find thousands of fresh actual images.

A good example of a resource where certainly it is worth buying a photo and illustrations, Depositphotos is. It is one of the largest world image banks with democratic quotations, millions of stock files, the Russian-language version and technical support. Here you will be able quickly and conveniently to find that image which will help to express your idea. In order that you could try and be convinced of usefulness of this resource, Depositphotos offers a free trial subscription.

What for?

your purpose - to prepare material which will be demanded among readers. One more occasion to approach more carefully the choice of illustrations - appeal of your information to Google and Yandex. Now search engines learn to recognize photos and images in order that users could obtain a minimum of the repeating information on the inquiry. And it means that at some point identical images just will begin to be ignored by search engines, and the websites with widespread illustrations will lose a number of visitors.

Besides, it is very important to fill alt - attributes of each illustration. It is also necessary for the best perception of your images search engines.

What is it?

Visual content - very interesting tool. And they need to be able to use. On the Internet a set of information on any subjects, the probability is also high that you not the first who writes about this question. How to draw attention to your article? Correctly: to use images and photos which force to stop and think. Sample thematic illustrations will hardly draw attention of users: the image of the camera will not be able to interest in article about the art of photography your audience.

Try to approach a question creatively. But also do not forget that a question which needs to be created at the reader Attractive illustration. It is interesting that I learn new here? but not In what sense of this image? . The illustration has to be bright, memorable, but at the same time article capturing the essence or notes.

How to place?

As it is correct to place the image, will prompt you experience. Publish, estimate, correct if necessary and once again publish. At the first stage even of the subjective view will be enough. Though, of course, some rules exist. For example, if you write article to the blog and key information is located on the image, then it has to be in the center. Respectively, the background can be placed above an illustration, and fuller, developed description - below.

If to speak about articles then there are certain visual borders. For example, the image should not occupy more than a half of width of the page, but also not to be less than 1/5 part.

On the other hand, presently adaptive design it is only conventions. By the way, if you not really skilled writer also do not foreknow as your record looks, after the publication of material it is worth visiting the website from various devices (the computer, the tablet, phone) and to look, how pleasantly and readably your creation looks.

As you can see, the choice of the correct image for the publication of the material - extremely important task. But if to master this many-sided tool, it is possible to receive quite pleasant results in the form of increase in number of readers and subscribers on your website. Try, experiment and stay in the know of fresh tendencies - read our informative magazine.