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What can tell about the writer better, than his works? Victor Konetsky`s memories of

Once thick literary magazines took in our life absolutely other place, than now. At least because in them most quickly there were new works of writers which defined in those days how it pathosly sounds, not only the person, but also the maintenance of our literature.

Therefore and to get fresh number of any of these magazines - New world Banner Friendship of the people - it was extremely difficult. In libraries the turn on record on this or that number could approach in half a year after it came to this cultural institution. Well, and to subscribe to the magazine and to receive it on the house It, as a rule, in general, was from that category of reader`s dreams which the severe vital reality refers to category of unrealizable.

But sometimes Even the most unrealizable dreams - come true. And at us it turned out. Mother won at work the lottery played between employees on an annual subscription of the " magazine; Star . As we waited for it As I waited for it! September (this month there passed the subscription), October Even November! And in December was already tired to wait. And pleasure from expectation of the first fresh and (!) number Stars departed somewhere afar. On the second or even the third plan.

And suddenly somehow Somewhere at the end of January I from school pritopat. And before to come into the house, on the automatic machine glanced in a mailbox. And there Something is! Such big, thick, in a white cover, on which a red, wide copy-book - Star . Generally, this day till the evening, parents did not come from work yet and did not take away from me the magazine (there is nothing supposedly good - little by little!) I could not come off from such " in any way; tasty including and on a smell, pages.

And behind the first number, only - only I read it, the second came. Then the third. And in each number something interesting was obligatory. It which - not to come off. Henry Williamson, William Saroyan, Nina Katerli, Vladimir Kunin, Alexander Zhitinsky, Vadim Shefner, Mikhail Chulaki How many new names that year the magazine opened for me! One of them - Victor Konetsky. Then in To the Star published its story Yesterday`s cares .

Today Today to Victor Viktorovich 85 would be executed. Here I also decided to remember this remarkable writer. And to tell a little about it is mute.

Both so, and so approached it to the story . And all somehow - in any way. It was impossible in any way! And then it was suddenly thought - yes that I suffer? Who can tell about the writer better, than his works? If to speak about Konetsky. It surely is present at each of the stories or stories. Either as story-teller, or as listener of someone`s baizes, stories, or as commentator of all events.

Therefore I removed glass of a book rack and got couple of small volumes of Konetsky from the shelf. Opened one of them on the story As I did not write article about the Arctic tourism and that from this left .

Here, for example, almost right at the beginning:

Fourteen years ago I was the young, brilliant, quick naval lieutenant

Yes, everything, so. Having graduated from mate faculty of the First Baltic voyenno - sea school, three years, since 1952 on 1955, future writer served on vessels 441 - go the Separate division Abnormally - a rescue service of Northern Fleet.

And this - is already closer to the final:

In the morning, surveying Varnek`s bay, I was convinced that the next epic on a stage of river crafts to the rivers of Siberia in the heat. On raid by holders as cigarettes in a cigarette case, lay on anchors the next ST and refrigerators. They waited for ice breakers. Probably, there were also my companions with whom we drove these ST in the sixty fourth year.

who - who, and Konetsky was down on to the question raised by it in this paragraph. Having demobilized in March, 1955, it already in May, ordering a small fishing seiner of MRS - 823, takes part in a stage across the Northern Sea Route to the Far East of vessels with a small power of the power plant (80 hp) intended for coastal fishing with removal from the basis on distance to 20 miles. As for 1964, as specify many biographic reference books, from this year the writer combines work on fleet with literary activity.

It is known that the intelligent person, having been left without trouser belt or braces, turns into the street mugger at once. Victor Viktorovich Konetsky was born

on June 6, 1929 as it can be spoken, in an intelligent family. His father worked in law enforcement agencies, mother till a marriage was an actress of the Maryinsky Theater of the opera and ballet, left to Paris on well-known Russian seasons S. Dyagileva. Victor in the childhood dreamed to become an artist and, according to the family, drew very good water colors. It, by the way, exerted the impact and on his literary creativity:

... any I am not a newsdealer. I am afraid to ask people questions. Too I am delicate, modest and is not self-assured to climb in souls of people vysprashivaniye. I usually on a delicate lyricism leave, on introspection and landscapes.

Konetsky`s Texts are literally penetrated by kind humour, irony and self-irony. And the last as it seems to me, a lot of things speak about human qualities of writing:

I am very good writer therefore never I see the books in hands of tram passengers. Obviously, me read in an intimate, house situation properly to concentrate. Victor Viktorovich not only wrote

stories and stories, some of the works it, already as the screenwriter, successfully adapted for big " screen;:

Immortal zverinomorsky movie Striped flight - my work though, as well as always, coauthors prevented me to untwist talent to the full extent. The only modern tragedy which is smelling slightly of Shakespeare - Way to the mooring - it is spoiled by the composer Andrey Petrov and the poet Pozhenyan. They composed the popular song with art whistle. To force the person to remember the tragedy, I should speak: You Remember, there is a song: my friend - my third shoulder - will be with me always - And! - the viewer speaks. - As! I remember! . Really, try to forget it - the third shoulder! From what place it grows?

I all this was told us of the author by one story. One and only! And for the life Victor Viktorovich wrote more than fifty works. Therefore - read Konetsky. Open for yourself this remarkable writer. Learn about it is mute more. Including from its works...