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What mistakes the woman can avoid?

Why most of men consider that women make many mistakes? Actually men do 10 times more mistakes, especially at initial stages of development of the relations. But we will leave men This article is devoted to the fair weaker sex and directed to helping us, warm and fuzzy, it is correct to behave with the darlings.

Not especially emphasize how you are diligent and successful in the profession. Praise his merits better.

You do not speak at each show-window: As if I wanted to have it! At least once tell: To You it went .

Do not tell it as you would like to have many children. Such talk frightens the man regardless of a condition of your relations.

Keep parents from temptation to handle it as with the potential son-in-law. It will avoid in every way them. And can run away absolutely.

You should not plan everything. At least, aloud. Too many women adore planning life for days and the months ahead, driving mad the friends and grooms to whom they allocate in these plans the honourable second place, turning into similarity of the zombie who are carrying out the hostess`s plans. Men badly transfer carefully organized life, preferring it spontaneity. Having fallen into hands of the maniacal lover of plans, they lose love enthusiasm and escape. Even in the settled long-term relations they as air need to feel free. Refuse tough schedules, having recognized that in any business there are opportunities for the choice.

Use a pronoun " less often; we . Sometimes the only thing that stops the movement of the man towards deeper and serious relations with you, is a fear to lose the independence., It seems, all of us know about it and... we continue to present to the right and on the left it hated and categorical we : We with you solved We will go We already were above this age . And it at all not delighted with the fact that has to constantly to work in " steam;. And these infinite we force it to develop methods of self-defense. From you as it offensively sounds.

Avoid banal expressions if he prefers bright, well-aimed language. And never try to be more resourceful and sharp on the word, than he.

Do not ask it constantly whether he loves you, its love affairs in the past... In general, stick to it with inquiries less.

Never you start conversation on your former friends. And do not compare it to your last men at all.

Never you speak badly about other women. Especially about his former girlfriends.

Try not to devote girlfriends in a detail of your relations. Be careful and carefully edit that information which you are going to make property of the public. Especially avoid communication with the girlfriends disappointed and making the life miserable.

Do not overact. Sometimes in similar situations the man feels as improvised material which you use only for that to prove to be and, maybe, slightly to tease boring public. Whether it is necessary to say that it fine enrages him. It at best, in the worst - he feels rather offended.

Control the laughter. It is not necessary to scream stridently at each opportunity.

You call him on work only as a last resort. If you want to report something really important. It is very lovely to hear a favourite voice, but detailed discussion of plans for evening or just emotional beating the air at the administration or colleagues several times in the course of the day can dement even the most unperturbable man. The telephone duty gradually begins to remind shadowing - who will like to feel like a birdie in a cage!

Try to avoid tears. Most of men do not transfer even a type of the crying woman. And most of women skillfully use this weakness of the stronger sex, resorting to tears as to the last and main argument in dispute with the partner. Men complain that they cannot discuss with the girlfriends of any serious problem because those begin to sob at the crucial moment and peace talks lose any meaning.

Do not panic. Emotional girls continually lose car keys, purses and jewelry, are on the threshold of dismissal, suspect at themselves unplanned pregnancy or a fatal illness. When clouds dissipate, the woman does not feel special discomfort. It is rather on the contrary - stays in high spirits. But the man who, in principle, is hard for provoking to emotional splash, having tested everything - it, long then recovers.

Be not indecisive when he asks about your opinion. For example, when he is interested to eat or what to be engaged in.

Do not try to order. Do not try to disaccustom him to smoking or alcohol. Mandative tone is hardly pertinent among equal. Hardly you chose for yourself a role of categorical mummy at the infantile sonny! Where soft wishes in a subjunctive mood are more effective than morals: I would like... It would be healthy if... .

Be more flexible in your sympathies. Do not dream of any certain man`s type.

I hope, these councils will help you.