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How gods of Vikings can help you?

Vikings were pagans, they had gods of whom they were afraid and to whom they worshipped. Was considered that to every month in a year there corresponds the god. But unlike traditional horoscopes in which the patron of a sign shares the qualities with the person in a horoscope of Vikings the situation was a little differently. God possessed certain symbols, using which, it is possible to cause a deity arrangement.

21. 03 - 20. 04. Month of god Odin

One - the Supreme god at ancient Vikings, it is allocated with lines of the mighty shaman or wise man, this is the god of war, Valkhalla`s owner. Odin has two faithful servants - two black ravens which fly all over the world and bring to god of a message from around the world. Therefore black - magic color for been born in the period with 21. 03 on 20. 04. According to ancient Vikings, possessing a mascot of black color or just wearing black clothes, it is possible to win Odin`s arrangement.

21. 04 - 20. 05. Month of god the Torah

of Torahs - one of the main gods at ancient Vikings, is god of a thunder, storm and fertility. Torahs actively struggles with the evil. It was represented by the athlete with a stone hammer. The hammer symbolized work, work, vigorous activity. During this period, with 21. 04 on 20. 05, farmers had all main works with the earth. Therefore month is considered to be active and fertile.

21. 05 - 21. 06. Month of god Tir

Tir is given birth by the Sun therefore actively fights against injustice. It is strict, but is fair. Vikings considered as god Tir`s symbol the sword necessary for god for his eternal fight against the world evil. Therefore a sword - your mascot, have his houses or you carry in the form of the image on a body, and then gods of ancient Vikings will help you with everything.

22. 6 - 22. 7. Month of god Baldr

Baldr - god of love and good, Odin`s son. Died from the arrow fired by blind god Hed. According to a legend, as a result of this death the whole world and all gods died, but then again revived updated. God Baldr`s symbol - a mistletoe branch. Lovers who at least once will kiss under a mistletoe will be happy all life. The mistletoe can be replaced with a hawthorn. You carry a branch from these bushes with yourself, and then all the time will accompany you good luck.

23. 7 - 23. 8. Month of god of Braga

This god actively patronized poetry. Vikings believed that verses are a peculiar magic, and those who are able to compose them - respectively, magicians. Therefore people of a similar warehouse very resistant, are able to overcome the most difficult life situations. A symbol of god of Braga - a harp. The more fine - music, poetry - in your life, the more favorable to you god.

24. 8 - 22. 9. Month of god Vidar

Vidar - god dominating over the woods. If he managed to be cajoled, then got lost in the wood could find the road easily. Also it could help to find knowledge of herbs and herbs or to award the person with some unusual abilities. A mascot of this month - a barvinok. If to mix this grass with food of darling, then it is possible to attract his love thus.

23. 09 - 23. 10. Month of god Hoder

Hoder - severe god of frosts and cold weather. It is shipped in thoughts of Eternity and the Absolute therefore it is not necessary to wait for special favor from this god. A symbol of this month - a dart which flies directly to the purpose and does not deviate the way. Color - a mascot - the white, symbolizing snow, boundless snow-covered fields, a snow-covered water smooth surface.

24. 10 - 22. 11. Month of god Hermed

Hermed - mysterious god, the right hand of Odin, god communicating with souls of the dead heroic death on the battlefield. He owns special secret knowledge and is capable to penetrate into the most intimate sense of things. God Hermed`s symbol - a ring or everything that becomes isolated in a ring. For example, a wreath from flowers. Vikings believed that if to weave such wreath and to put on it darling, it will blaze to you with improbable passion.

23. 11 - 21. 12. Month of god Hener

Hener - the assistant to god Odin, he helped it to create the first person. Hener - is beautiful and high, on character is generous and tseleustremlenen. Your mascot - the runic symbol represented on a stone. Turquoise or topaz which protect from quarrels, or a cornelian which draws attention of darling can be a stone. In principle any stones, except disgrace will approach.

22. 12 - 20. 01. Month of god Nyerd

Nyerd - god of the North Sea, was represented by the aged man with a gray-haired beard. This is tireless and very organized god, in everything loves an order and discipline, loves that submitted to him. However at all the severity god kind and sympathetic. God pays attention to a course of life of the person: it is favorable to the people appreciating and reading the family and ancestors. In general the past, - now try to expand the consciousness and as much as possible include imagination, - and is a mascot for this god (any images of the past - for example, photos).

21. 01 - 19. 02. Month of god Loki Loki`s

- god of destiny and everything that is connected with it. Loki has several persons therefore it is very difficult to catch or see him. His name simply - " is translated; " air;. Loki can send the mass of tests to the wards or literally from air create for them something grandiose. Loki`s symbol - a lightning, elements - fire. Therefore the more fire (the lit candles) will be in your dwelling, the better you cajole your deity.

. 20. 02 - 20. 03. Month of god Vali Valya`s

- god of plants. It can allocate those with whom will fall in love with intuition and an insight. According to belief of Vikings, the first person was created from an ash-tree. Therefore an ash-tree - a mascot of this month. You carry a medallion or a beads from this tree, it will help you to find the qualities peculiar to this god. The leaf of an ash-tree needs to be carried under a footwear insole - it will bring good luck. At the same time it is necessary to read a spell: The Old kind ash-tree, I broke your leaf, present me happiness for the sake of god Vali .