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How to make home-made ice cream?

so fine happen in the Summer to regale on ice cream. It is so healthy that this dessert getting hungry every day. But when you read structure of this product, there are doubts: And whether it is worth eating every day numerous additives: fragrances, thickeners, stabilizers?

Can refuse, of course, at all ice cream, it is possible to eat this dessert of times a week, it is possible to choose ice cream, the smallest in which quantity of synthetic additives and big percent of natural components. And it is possible, without refusing ice cream, to do both that, and another, and the third. That is, having chosen the most natural and tasty ice cream, to buy its once a week. And in other days to cook for itself house ice cream.

Home-made ice cream quickly, it natural and very tasty prepares. And the most pleasant is the fact that it is possible to make it of those products which are pleasant. If strawberry with cream is pleasant - to make ice cream of strawberry with cream and if milk and chocolate - from milk with chocolate pieces. If many different fruit and berries are pleasant, it is possible to experiment, every day doing new ice cream.

Home-made ice cream can be frozen in special molds - it is very convenient. It is simple to fill molds with weight for ice cream, to put in the freezer for about three hours, then to drench molds with warm water and to pull out ice cream. Such ice cream is convenient and is - the eskimo turns out. But even if there are no molds, it is possible to use any plastic capacity for foodstuff.

Very tasty ice cream turns out from cream, strawberry and sugar. To shake up cream (200 g), strawberry (200 g), sugar (1 tablespoon, but it is possible to vary to taste) in the mixer or a nimbus, to pour on molds.

Original taste at ice cream on the basis of a custard. For this purpose ice cream it is necessary to take such products: 1 glasses of milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 yolks, 25 g of vanilla sugar, 1 tablespoon of flour. From these ingredients to prepare a custard: to pound yolks with flour, sugar and vanilla sugar, to boil milk. When milk a little cools down, slowly, stirring slowly, to pour in it in mix of yolks, torments and sugar. To cook before solidification of 3-5 minutes on slow fire, constantly stirring slowly. When cream cools down, to pour on molds.

Banana ice cream - for those who want both frozen, and fruit ice at the same time. Sometimes difficult happens to make a choice. Then such recipe - two in one is useful. In every portion of such ice cream there is both an ice cream, and fruit ice.

For such ice cream it is necessary to mix two tablespoons of sour cream with a teaspoon of sugar and small banana in the beginning, to pour the turned-out mix on molds. Then to mash one more banana, to add to it pieces of orange and too to spread out on molds. The following layer - banana with sour cream and a half of a teaspoon of vanilla sugar.

In the same way - in molds - it is possible to prepare fruit ice from any berries or fruit, having made mix in the mixer or the blender. And bananas, strawberry, a kiwi can be mashed a fork and to spread out on molds.