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How in the summer to avoid intestinal infections and food poisonings? Part 1

Summer, besides the mass of quite obvious priyatnost, conceals in itself a number of the most true dangers. Here and an opportunity to overheat on too tender sun, and probability to get on snack to an entsefalitny tick, and is a lot of other sad events. However, there is one situation which repeats much more often than in other seasons in the summer. It is about food poisonings.

Strictly speaking, medical and household understanding of a problem disperse a little. It is considered to be that the person has a food poisoning when after eating (drinking) he does not leave something suspicious " for a long time; room of thought and long communicates with white friend .

From the medical point of view of the reasons of such trouble there can be a set and mechanisms of emergence differ in a variety.

Hands were washed?

the biggest group poisonings possessing all classical signs of food accident (nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea, high temperature) is, so-called, the sharp intestinal infections (SII). Sometimes they are called still diseases of dirty hands .

All more than 30 various OKA, and their distinctive feature - epidemic character are known.

So-called flashes - that is mass and almost single disease of people are characteristic of intestinal infections.

The main reason for emergence of OKA - the eaten food or the drunk water literally swarms the spiteful microorganisms, literally, dreaming to spoil an intra organismal situation. From where they undertake there? Yes from everywhere. Air, dirty hands of sellers - cooks - consumers, ubiquitous and universal carriers of an infection - flies.

Any foodstuff represents the remarkable environment for reproduction of microbes. The main thing that the basic rule of storage / preparation - temperature condition was broken. Take Russian salad, expose it on the sun for days, and receive destructive power the bacteriological weapon. Or underdo river fish. Or just do not wash the vegetables or fruit brought from the market. The effect will be approximately identical.

The range of troubles will differ depending on what activator you managed to entice in yourself. Them, these activators, several tens, and among them are as silent mediocre pupils, gratifiers owner a three-day diarrhea without special consequences, and the real tearaways capable to kill the person.

How not to get: to wash with

hands before food (it is as if banal sounded);

is obligatory to wash with boiled water fruit and vegetables which will not be exposed to heat treatment; the others can be washed also usual tap water;

to drink only boiled or bottled water; perishable goods to store

in the refrigerator.

A cake with a surprise

the Second option of succession of events - the person ate food stuffed with bacterial toxins. From where they undertake there? Yes from bacteria, of course. It is quite probable that there not really there is a lot of microbes, but poisons in the product surrounding them they are navydelyal with all the heart. The main thing that conditions were suitable - heat and mass of free time.

Classical cases of intoxication two: staphylococcus and botulism.

Staphylococcus - very widespread microorganism. Most often it is responsible for various gnoynichka on our skin. We often do not attach to this infection significance, we consider that itself will dry up and will fall off . But if these gnoynichka appear on hands of the confectioner who prepares cream for cakes or cakes - that chance to fall off to eat at all who will eat these sweets with a surprise. And toxin of staphylococcus which collects in very impressive quantities will be a surprise. So impressive that development of toxic shock at which lethality can reach 10 percent is possible. Signs of staphylococcal aggression - sharp rise in temperature, a fever, intensive muscular and headaches, rash on a body, well and, of course, nausea, vomiting and a diarrhea.

The following classical case - botulism . And the classics is so terrible that Hitchcock has a rest. You judge: the microbe which produces toxin does not need oxygen. There lives this infection (by the name of a botulism klostridiya) in the earth, in river silt, in intestines of animals, birds and fishes, that is practically everywhere. And in adverse conditions the klostridiya turns in dispute, and here in such look is capable to maintain freezing, drying, 6 - hour boiling, 18% solution of salt and other burdens and deprivations of microbic life. Imagined the monster?

And now the most interesting. The toxin produced by this klostridiya is called botulotoksiny and is the strongest natural poison, even cobras did not roll nearby: the lethal dose for the person makes 0,3 micrograms. A source of this misfortune - home-made canned food, sausages and smoked products. The matter is that only in industrial conditions it is possible to provide such temperature condition in which will die even the most tempered dispute of a klostridiya. However, in canned food the klostridiya can give itself as in the course of activity at it the set of gases departs. They collect and begin to hold apart to bank. Arises so-called bombazh . The nastiest that on taste color and a smell the food does not change not a jot.

However, as if as compensation, the poisoning picture botulotoksiny has very much characteristics: instantly developing muscular weakness, sharp dryness in a mouth, fog before eyes and doubling of objects, feeling lump in a throat. Pupils at eaten sausages with a klostridiya very wide, breath superficial, the person loses a mimicry (becomes masklike), the timbre and height of a voice changes.

How not to get: to buy by

confectionery only in the shops checked by time and from the same checked suppliers;

not to be fond of production and the use of home-made canned food (meat, a bird, fish, mushrooms), especially, not to buy them from other people.

Clear to you and the warm sun less communication with people in white " dressing gowns;.

To be continued