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Marina Raskova. How she became the great woman-pilot?

the Major Raboche - Country Red Army, the Hero of the Soviet Union, the commander 587 - go a bombing regiment Raskova Marina Mikhaelovna died at a re-deployment of the part on January 4, 1943. About it said that she was a pilot from God but heavy meteoconditions made the dirty deed.

... In 1941 my father who had the military specialty navigator of distant aircraft was directed to serve as the teacher in Engelssky aviation school of pilots. Exactly there the well-known female aviation regiments were formed. Here my father also taught these little girls elements of tactics of air fight and skills of mate art in fighting conditions. Since the early childhood in my memory these got stuck a name and a surname - Marina Raskova...

Whom was Marina Raskova that her name - and it is the rare occurence - the square, the street and the lane are called only in Moscow. And not as in a case with Lenin where both the middle name, and a surname, and a political pseudonym are used, no, at Raskova it is simpler and simpler, all three objects and are called - Marina Raskova .

Marina in Moscow in the singing teacher`s family was born on March 28, 1912. She also well sang, studied at the same time at high school and on children`s office of conservatory, and designated it the future of the opera singer. But life changed, the father died, and Raskova after the termination of the ninth class had to go to work to help mother to put on legs of the younger brother.

Near their house there was a Butyrsky chemical plant where the sixteen-year-old girl went to work. In over a year the place of work was changed, she got a job in air navigation laboratory of Voyenno - Air academy of a name of Zhukovsky. And there was it not because she loved aircraft, just it was even closer to the house and work was easier. Soon charged to show it to listeners air navigation devices. Marina had to take seat for textbooks. Unexpectedly it was pleasant to it, and she seriously was fond of air navigation. She persistently seized new specialty and in 1934 graduated from the Leningrad institute of Merchant Air Fleet majoring in navigator .

Carrying out aerial photography for preparation of the description of the new airline laid in the south of the country - Odessa - Batumi was its thesis. Work was recognized executed on perfectly and the former student became the teacher of mate matter in native academy. 22 years were it at that time.

Curious information is available in a number of sources. Allegedly Raskova was called by the chief of academy and asked, than she would like to be awarded for progress in study? On the existing legend she asked that it was given an opportunity to learn to steer plane. The request was granted, it came to the Central aero club of Osoaviakhim in Tushino from which successfully graduated in 1935.

The responsible mission followed: preparation of May Day air flights in Moscow. Raskova not only counted routes for each plane to pull together them in one ceremonial column, but also personally by flagman plane led all system of planes.

Soon she began to participate in distant flights popular at that time, set up world records, for as was awarded by the Order of Lenin.

In 1938 it was called up for military service and became the country`s first woman - the navigator in military aircraft. This year became peak of its glory: the female crew as a part of Osipenko, Grizodubova and Raskova made non-stop flight from Moscow to the Far East by " plane; Homeland . There was not enough fuel a little, and Homeland in 26 and a half hours of flight, having flown by more than 6 thousand kilometers, made an emergency landing. In 5 days the plane was found, and Marina Raskova left to people only for the tenth days. On November 2, 1938 these courageous women-pilots were awarded ranks of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

There came October, 1941. The front approached Moscow. In the country there were not enough pilots. And here the major Raskova with the unexpected offer - to create a separate female aviation regiment addressed the management of the Air Force of the country:

- I am sure that girls will be well at war, - she claimed.

And here from all country applications from graduates of aero clubs and flight schools began to arrive. The first regiment was created, it was for 100% female - from women-pilots to technicians and mechanics. Charged to order a regiment to the skilled woman-pilot captain Bershanskaya, and Raskova continued to deal with organizational issues, and two more female regiments soon were in the same way created.

Three months of persistent, intense work, occupation for 12 - 14 hours; day, and then night departures... And here the course on which in a peace time 3 years were allotted is ended. The first a child of the major Raskova - the night female regiment - was relocated on the front. Crews of two more female regiments - bombing and destructive - too finished training, but And here it is necessary to return to the beginning of article.

Several words about what she was a commander. Its well-known saying is known:

- In order that it is good to order, it is necessary most well to fly and, of course, in perfection to know cars by which your subordinates fly.

Apparently, it treated that type of women who will be called later feminists. Shortly as a real man short-haired, tightened, in flight overalls, it made rather an impression of the man, than woman. And she to herself chose work not female, and will not call its separate acts female as the commander in any way. So, on memoirs of my father, she personally shot two technicians - men who, delivering it is combustible - lubricants, drank a little alcohol that it was filled in in systems of planes.

- You drank not alcohol, you sucked blood of our soldiers, - it finished the performance before a system.

In the fifties on May 2 in the square before the Bolshoi Theatre a large number of women with awards and medals gathered on dresses. It were women-pilots from 46 - go the Guards night easily bombing aviation regiment, well-known night witches which Hitlerites at the front, and also from 125 - go so were afraid of the Guards bombing regiment and 586 - go destructive. We with the father long time went to these meetings, and I listened to stories of these women in which the name of Marina Raskova sounded more often than others.