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How to develop some special opportunities of sight?

belong To special opportunities of sight fast movement of focus of sight, development of lateral sight, development of ability to catching of details and tracking moving objects.

sight focus Movement

U us is tendency to focus attention on that object of which we think. It is inefficient as we fix the greatest number of information at the first view of object and therefore its further consideration does not make sense. Much more information we can gather if we often move sight focus. It is necessary to learn to do it consciously to obtain more various information. Where you were, try to look round, serially stopping a look on the objects surrounding you and people.

For example if you go down the street, then you do not look constantly before yourself or yourself under legs, and window-shop shops, the cars which stopped at a roadside, trees and the sky which is looking through between houses. In the same way, if you go by the bus or by the train, then consider passengers. Try to move focus two times a second. Do not stop a look on faces of people, consider also their breast, hands, legs etc. This exercise not only will improve your ability to perceive information, but also will give rest to eyes.

Though bulk of information we receive development of lateral sight thanks to direct sight, but lateral sight also makes the contribution. To be convinced of it, you can make the following experiments. Take the book and you hold it directly before yourself, then, continuing to look in the former direction, slowly remove the book aside until you are not able to see distinctly that it is the book. After that wave with it and though you will not be able to see the book, but you will notice that sideways something waves.

You can also try to make other experiment. Squeeze a palm in a fist directly before yourself and then, continuing to look forward, slowly remove a fist until it is not gone from your field of vision, then again slowly move it so that it was possible to see it hardly. After that unclench a fist and try to distinguish all five fingers. For certain you will not manage to see them distinctly. These two experiments show how your brain badly uses information obtained by means of lateral sight. Therefore it is necessary to develop this ability of sight to expand possibilities of perception of information that in turn will lead to more reasonable actions of you.

You can try to develop at yourself lateral sight by means of the following exercises. To carry out these exercises rather tiresomely therefore we advise you to do it no more than fifteen minutes in a row and to have a rest every time when you feel fatigue. For performance of exercises sit down in a convenient chair opposite to the empty wall having a fixing point at the level of eyes. You need to focus a look on this point, and for removal of fatigue of eyes blink, and it along with movement of focus will take off fatigue, as well as focus movement from eyes.

Exercise :

Stop a look on a point of the fixing located on a wall at the level of your eyes and try to concentrate attention on what is sideways from you. At first you, most likely, will see nothing, but if you carry out this exercise within several days, then, undoubtedly, you will notice that your lateral sight became more sharply.

Exercise: Prepare for

sheets of paper of twenty on twenty five centimeters in size and write on them letters of the alphabet and (or) figures from one to ten. Paint letters in bright colors, and then reshuffle leaves as a pack. After that you sit down in a chair and put a pack of cards on a little table so that you could get them easily. After that take by one card, you hold it out of the field of direct sight and try to see the letter written on it or figure by means of lateral sight. As soon as you achieve a certain progress when performing these exercises, can increase a corner under which you watch at cards, up to seventy or eighty degrees that is an external limit of sight. After you are able to carry out this exercise at an angle in seventy degrees, it is recommended to begin to do the third exercise when which performing you should deal with smaller objects.

Exercise: prepare for

For performance of this exercise new cards with letters of the alphabet and figures which have to be one third less than previous. Then continue to carry out the exercise which is already described above. After you learn to distinguish letters and figures on new cards, it is possible to reduce still their size and to act this way until you do not reach to enough small cards. If you diligent carry out this exercise, then will even be able to learn to read by means of lateral sight of the book, printed with a large print. Certainly to read to you by means of direct sight more habitually, and the above exercise does not set as the purpose to teach you to read by means of lateral sight, and just helps to develop it, promoting increase in volume of information obtained by you and awakening the brain sites dozing up to this point which from inaction lose all the qualities to life. Remember that development of lateral sight is important for preservation of physical health of a brain and increase in volume of the obtained information.

Development of ability to catching of details

Besides that we do not catch the details getting to the area of lateral sight, we also sometimes pass trifles and when examining the objects which are directly before us. Remember how often you were asked to describe something, and you answered that you did not notice how it looks. To learn to catch details under usual circumstances, try to carry out the following exercise one or two times every day within at least one minute.


Take any subject in hand and attentively examine it from all directions. Continue survey until you do not have a confidence that you remembered a subject in all details. Let`s say that the pencil fell of you into hands. Pay attention to what it lengths, colors how many sides make its surface that on it is written by what color the inscription how the eraser (a metal or plastic rim) what pattern is executed on a metal rim what form the eraser attached to a pencil etc. has is attached to it is executed. You will be surprised for certain that how many new you learn about a simple pencil what was not noticed earlier. You can do the same also with any other subject which caught sight to you. Ability catch details you can also gather by increase speeds of perception of information. We suggest you to try the following exercise for which performance you need the assistant.


or make the cards similar to that which you used for development of lateral sight, and write on them simple words or numbers. After that your assistant has to become before you and quickly show you these cards in any order. He should not allow you to look at cards longer than a period which is required quickly to carry by it before your eyes. It is clear, that at first at you the word represented on a card or number will not turn out to consider, but then, after several exercises, to you will sort easier and easier words written on cards.

Development of ability to watch moving objects

Many people meet difficulties with tracking moving objects. It is most of all noticeable at stadium during a match when the audience sees only the moment when players return a ball. They do not see a ball in flight. If you meet difficulties with tracking moving objects, then can try various exercises. For example, you can watch how neighbour`s children play basketball, or to try to read numbers of the cars passing by. And for serious work of the house you can use the following exercise.

Exercise: to

For performance of this exercise to you needs the old player of vinyl records. Put a plate on the player, turn on it and try to read an inscription on a plate. If it seems to you too difficult (and probably and will be), then take the sheet of dense paper of the suitable size and make on it any inscription large letters. Prepare several such plates with different inscriptions and in any order (that not the nobility what) put on the player, include it and try to read the inscription made by you. You can begin with small speed, and then gradually increase it.

Author: Otto Erenberg, Optimum Brain Power: A Total Program For Increasing Your Intelligence