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To birthday of Grigory Chukhraya. If I survive what then?

Always surprised me that war came to an end, and I survived. Why to me such godsend? Perhaps, to continue business for which millions of my peers gave the lives? This thought does not seem to me empty. And service to this business also makes the purpose of my life . Grigory Chukhray, from the book My war

He adequately went towards the aim, lived a wonderful life, and left a creative heritage for all times. Its movies The Forty first The Ballad about the soldier Clear sky became thaw symbols, and safely lived till present time, without having become outdated.

And about the book My war one my acquaintance told that each Russian person respecting himself has to read it.

I very much like to revise old movies. The forty first and The Ballad about the soldier - one of my most favourite. If someone else did not see them - do not miss chance, look. Give the soul joy of empathy.

So there everything really, shchemyashche, is sincere and strong - that not only you trust all events, but also empathize with all the heart. Also you are surprised - as it is so deeply possible to force the viewer to plunge into a wartime though in movies there are neither enemy soldiers, nor death in fight before a chamber lens. All this is present off-screen. To the forefront there are feelings of people who live, love and perish during war.

Romantic love at the most critical historical moments - as a reminder that life goes on at all times, and it - the main thing. She reveals the strongest human qualities, shows all that the best that is given to the person.

From them - such human and very vital - especially you like tragedy and injustice of war. And, probably, especially valuable they become now, in our pragmatic time. Here to learn to it to many current directors who are pouring streams of blood and savouring death in front of a chamber, and not taking the trouble to allocate these death with deeper meaning, than sharing of money or the authorities

not incidentally Grigory Chukhrayu were successful Such shrill stories. Its life long own love story, perhaps, is worthy a feather of the best screenwriter and work of the best director.

In 1942 Grigory ended vozdushno - landing school, and as a part of landing troops was sent to the North Caucasus, to Yessentuki. In the same place lived 21 - the summer girl Ira Penkova who together with other students of local teacher`s college dug anti-tank ditches. Dances where young people met were evenings in the city, without knowing yet that this meeting will define their destiny for the rest of life.

Irina remembered: I saw his face. Or rather, eyes, they stared at me. It was not just the look, and such... purposeful. I a little bit was late, he slightly smiled to me. Then we were acquainted, we sat down aside and any more did not dance, spoke all evening. Grisha was the special person, did not happen to him boringly and if he wanted to draw attention to himself - at it it turned out .

In a month Germans entered the city. Grigory was transferred on other positions, and Ira remained in Yessentuki.

The whole two military years Grigory could not find Irina, did not know, she is living or not. Searches did not lead to result. And he wrote the letter to the " newspaper; Komsomolskaya Pravda :

In the left pocket of my soldier`s blouse more than a year I carry Irinki`s photo, my bride. It was with me in fights, it gave me forces when it seemed, they ran low, it warmed my heart when the grief chill ran on it. I do not know where now Irinka. The city in which she lived was occupied by the German. Now it is released, but all my letters are vain. It is absent. I every day lose hope sometime to find it. And instead of this hope hatred grows in heart, need to see blood of enemies " grows;.

The letter was printed, and - a miracle! - Irina read it.

I long could not fall asleep. If I survive, - I thought, - I will arrive to Yessentuki and I marry Irina. For the first time in life I had a concrete thought of a marriage. I imagined how it will be good. In that, as it, and Elena Tikhonovna will agree to my offer, I did not doubt - not because was a self-confident young man but because in everything felt their attitude towards himself. But right there optimistic dreams were succeeded by reality. Words if I survive found quite notable sense. Earlier I understood that I can die, but this understanding was some abstract. Now I all the being felt, as I as I others, am mortal. It did not frighten me, I only thought: Why to spoil to the girl life and it will be hard for me to be at war. I marry if I survive... And if I am a cripple, without leg or a hand? - the thought came to my mind. - What then? I vividly presented myself the cripple and decided that I then will try to disappear from Irina`s life. Let better considers that I am not on light... People marry for happiness and what happiness to live with the cripple?

So I thought, lying on a floor in the room of future wife, and in my thoughts there was no shadow of pity to itself. To be the killed or to remain the cripple was bigger reality, than to remain live... I loved Irina, loved life, but as I my many peers, considered that there are things for which it is possible and to die
Grigory Chukhray, from the book My war .

In 1944, having recovered after wound, Grigory Chukhray arrived to the city which is already freed from fascists, and they got married. It was on May 9, 1944. The bride received as a gift from darling a big bouquet of a lilac celebrated with

A in a year the Great Victory - together with a wedding anniversary.

Since then on May 9 became for their family a double holiday, and a lilac - favourite flowers. Grigory and Irina Chukhray lived together more than half a century.

Isn`t that so, beautiful history?