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When, where and how celebrate Day of Slavic writing and culture?

Once upon a time there were No, so will not go. Once upon a time there were - turn characteristic of folklore. I remember, at elementary school spoke to us about it. And today Today it would be desirable about writing. Especially, the occasion for this purpose is. And, by the way, very significant. The matter is that on May 24 the orthodox church celebrates the Day of Solunsky brothers. Solunsky`

, solunsky... To the Moscow residential district Solntsevo and its mobsters, this two, respected in many Slavic countries, the person have no relation. At least because they were born very far from First-throned. In the city of Soluni. So once the present Greek port city of Thessaloniki was called. And long ago were born. The senior from brothers, Mefodiy, in 815 g. Younger, Kirill, in 827 - m.

It is considered that the last, in 36 years after the birth, in 863, made the first old Slavic alphabet and translated with Greek on Bulgarian the main sacred books, first of all, the Gospel. Of course, in this formidable business to him the most active help was given by his pupils and the elder brother Mefodiy, but the main amount of works on drawing up the alphabet as experts consider, Kirill executed. However, till today we do not know - Cyrillics or the Glagolitic alphabet it invented but it, probably, is not so important. Much more important the fact that thanks to these two educators who practically at once, in the same 9th century are recognized by church sacred equal to the apostles and are canonized Slavs, first of all in Bulgaria and Moravia where Kirill and Mefodiy preached the Christ`s doctrine, received the writing.

Therefore in day of Saints Kirill equal to the apostles and Mefodiy (according to a present calendar on May 24) Day of Slavic writing and culture is also celebrated.

It is quite natural that the first Bulgaria began to celebrate this holiday. Actually, Kirill equal to the apostles and Mefodiy`s day is celebrated in this country since the 10th century, but as that is confirmed by the Armenian chronicle of 1813, the holiday of Bulgarian writing for the first time is celebrated on May 22, 1803 in the city of Shumen. From the beginning of the Bulgarian revival (the period of blossoming of the Bulgarian culture and education which cornerstone the aspiration of the people to the national definition and independence was) on an initiative Gerova a holiday since 1851 Is found began to note across all Bulgaria. Plovdiv, Lomen, Istanbul, other cities joined Shumen. Established by date of celebration on May 11 since this day according to a Julian calendar the day of Saints Kirill equal to the apostles and Mefodiy was celebrated.

After Bulgaria in 1900 passed to a Gregorian calendar, Day of Slavic writing and culture note on May 24. And today Bulgarians celebrate this holiday widely and on a substantial scale. As celebrate this day in Bulgaria, probably. The world in note anywhere any more on the eve of May 24 across all Bulgaria arrange quizes of knowledge and holidays of letters. School students decorate portraits of both brothers with smart wreaths from fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are laid also at monuments to Kirill and Mefodiy. The most different cultural actions - poetic readings, cultural fairs are dated for a holiday.

Russia Slavic writings and cultures joined celebration of Day in 1863 when the Holy Synod, in honor of the millennium of Moravian mission of Saints Kirill equal to the apostles and Mefodiy, established that celebration of Reverends Kirill and Mefodiy has to take place annually. According to of a that time, Julian calendar, on May 11.

Since 1917. this tradition was interrupted and only in 1985 when it was noted 1100 - the anniversary from the date of death of one of brothers - Mefodiy, on May 24 was officially declared festival of Slavic culture and writing . January 30, 1991. The special resolution which defined that Days of Slavic culture and writing will be spent in our country annually was accepted presidium of the Supreme Council of RSFSR.

Till 2010 capital a holiday one of the regional centers was defined. In a year of adoption of the resolution Smolensk became it. In 1994 the center of celebration of Days of Slavic culture and writing moved to Belgorod. It was followed Kostroma, the Eagle, by Yaroslavl, Pskov. But already the fourth year as the main celebrations everything is are carried out in Moscow. The capital is the capital.

Besides Bulgaria and Russia, Day of Slavic writing and culture is celebrated in Macedonia, in Ukraine, in Belarus, Transnistria, the Czech Republic. About the last - is slightly more detailed. The matter is that it was as if allocated from a general series. Day of Saint brothers equal to the apostles Kirill and Mefodiy (a holiday of Slavic writing, by the way, the only public and church holiday in this country) is celebrated in the Czech Republic on July 5. Therefore if someone has a desire to celebrate Days of Slavic writing and culture twice, so to it there are no obstacles. On May 24 we celebrate houses, and for the beginning of July we take tour to the Czech Republic and And on July 5 we celebrate this day together with all Czech Republic!

But For a start we will celebrate the Day of Slavic writing and culture of the house. And it is possible also in the most literal sense of this word. It is enough to remove a favourite small volume from a book shelf, to open it And to remember Saints Kirill equal to the apostles and Mefodiy. There are no them Who knows, there would be in our life Pushkin, Lermontov, Leskov, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky?.