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Whether we threaten a variety of the nature when there are no beings from the Red List nearby?

In the megalopolis the bumblebee is found. Where he managed to build the nest if all lawns are ruthlessly cut?.

last week the young man with the trimmer walked on heads of dandelions, today the lawn is again gilded. Why cut? To dandelions though that, and Fragrant lawn seeded by us in April, can not blossom now.

To show to the child about whom Chukovsky in " wrote; Tarakanishche it was necessary to go on a biological research station. Soon and Mucha - Tsokotukh will become the same mythical character as a bear from the Russian fairy tales.

On a forest lawn found a soft low grass. It is not necessary to cut, by itself expands, easily takes roots. Polevitsa pobegonosny. It is very pleasant in comparison with a ryegrass, rassevayemy on lawns. And where wheat grass, trouble of all kitchen gardens? It wonderfully would tighten emptiness greens, the herbs arising after a repeated hairstyle at the roots. Something is not visible its cones at all.

Cockerel or chicken - the entertainment forgotten by our children because not to find the earing grass in the city. A nettle still which - where looks through on spring, but when to first graders suggested to choose a nettle from ten plants many showed on a wood louse, on a plantain, on a bindweed.

Happen something wrong, the capital inhabitant will not find food neither under legs, nor on trees. The goutweed could support, but it is absent, it in - the first, and it is not known, it in - the second. The multimillion urban population entirely depends on store deliveries. Unless it is reasonable?

The Caucasus was blocked almost like Leningrad, but hunger was not seen there. Why? Because there is a long tradition: you leave - plant a fruit-tree. Children can be left without father, but not without tree - the supporter. The reaped and dried up crop rescues the whole year.

In the northern cities it will not turn out to prepare for the winter dried apricots (though there are already zoned grades of the apricots which are perfectly fructifying in a midland), but it is possible to receive apples much. However apple orchards in the cities destroy. The explanation is simple: that children did not climb trees and did not eat the unripe fruits which incorporated harmful substances from exhaust gases.

The apples which are grown up not particularly where along highways or not particularly what chemical protection absorbed in gardens, are perfectly bought up. They are less harmful? I do not think.

Units of city dwellers are capable to part a decorative kitchen garden between houses. It is not less beautiful, than a flower bed and, especially, a lawn. Ability is not demanded. The old men able to handle plants leave, without giving skill. If someone thinks that it is enough to stick a feature from a bag into the earth and the fact that on the picture, then he strongly is mistaken will turn out.

Experience from a botany course when to the earth put a fasolina, stopped with the advent of a sprout. Then the sprout for some reason turned yellow and dried. At some modern kids even the sprout does not appear because they do not guess that the earth has to be damp. And seeds become strange. Not the fried pumpkin sunflower seeds wetted a month ago did not sprout. Well, happens. But they also did not become covered by a mold. How to understand it? What with them was made before sale?

Tomatoes, pepper, water-melons even more often happen without seeds. Not only that from fifteen thousand edible plants only thirty gets on our table, and we will not distinguish the others from poisonous, so also it is harder and harder to make multiple copies these thirty. Potato from shop can have dead eyes.

Ancestors were learned to think of the best, and to prepare for the worst. To us suggest not to think of the worst and to prepare for the best. On a synthetic grass we will run artificial legs which are already able to submit to brain impulses, and we will be connected to food how phones to a network, through a battery charger? Any cockroaches and pincers, flies and mosquitoes, only lovely artificial doggies and cats?

And when in a network power off, we will quietly die away without energy?

Well I understand those who learn to live in wildlife. I do not understand conflicting with poplars and pigeons. Badly I understand the rats cutting lawns and cleaning autumn foliage, poisoning and ants.

People become more and more, and untouched them spaces - less. The reserves and wildlife areas left the previous generations change the status and go under building. The built-up spaces are etched without remainder. Multikilometer green and park zones are narrowed to avenues, and then and they turn into wide highways. The remains of greens perish in a shadow of skyscrapers and from salinization of soils.

It is admissible to raise a question of whether it is worth remaining in the city. But not about what to be to the cities. And not late to make so that wonderful creations from Red Lists grew directly under our windows and joyfully ran or chirped near our children.

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by the International day of biological diversity celebrated on May 22.