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What occurred in the sky over the state New 60 years ago - Meksiko?

Probably, everything the term UFO or " is known; UFOs . It is considered to be that objects are called plates in view of similarity of forms. Actually reason slightly another. The author of the term - the American pilot of the private plane Arnold Kenneth. No, of course, he did not invent the term specially, did not patent it and did not advertize its use. Flying by in June, 1947 in the sky of the State of Washington, Kenneth noticed group of the strange objects flying in air very quickly and on an unusual trajectory. Describing journalists the impressions, the pilot compared a trajectory to the movement of the saucer jumping on water after a throw. This saucer also it was transformed in UFO with active participation of the press.

For 1947 the peak of the USA of unusual events recorded over the territory had. And over the territory of the state New - Meksiko of strange things was much more, than over other country. It became clear when the researcher Lari Hetch of a mark about all phenomena plotted. If to add that in this district there was a nuclear explosion, the first in the history of mankind, then high concentration of the unknown phenomena begins to look not casual.

Two hundred kilometers to the north from the place of explosion it is located the small town of Roswell. He was fated to become history of researches UFOs. At half past ten p.m. on July 4, 1947 inhabitants of the small " ranch; Foster located in sixty miles North - to the east of the city, heard strong explosion. The next morning the shepherd William Breyzel left on a pasture to visit the herd and came across on the way to some fragments scattered on the ground by a wide hundred-meter strip nearly one and a half kilometers long. The shepherd had an impression that something at a huge speed crashed into the earth under a big corner. The unperturbable cowboy picked up several fragments and went further on the affairs. Having thought several days, he showed the find to the local sheriff, George Wilcox.

The sheriff was quicker, and immediately reported about a find to the officer of investigation of the 509th aviaregiment deployed nearby on air base. By the way, cars of this regiment bombed two years Hiroshima and Nagasaki earlier. The major Jesse Marcel and the captain Kevitt came out to the ranch, and took away from there so many fragments how many could be located in their jeeps.

On the way to base Marcel dropped in home and even woke the wife and the son to show unusual finds. Later the son of the major described them as the small objects covered with strange hieroglyphs in shape a rail, a thin foil and pieces of some plastic. The foil could not be burned, broken off or damaged some different way, and in attempts to crumple it it was got into condition, and without any traces of influence.

About incident journalists got wind. The owner of rozuelsky radio station Walt Whitmore brought Breyzel to the city and all night long asked it the mass of different questions. But in free America there are many levers of influence, and interview did not get to air. The official of the Federal commission on communication kindly phoned to Whitmore that he will never be able to work more in radio business if publishes the received data.

Breyzel was intercepted by military, and interrogated within several days then the shepherd changed the indications and spoke to nobody about the find any more.

The first, and still only official statement about a find of the alien aircraft appeared in the press on July 8, 1947. Walter Hot, the officer 509 - go the aviashelf, the specialist in public relations was his author. Hot told that the staff of military air base picked up UFO fragments near Roswell. However the next day the denial on behalf of the general Ramey who claimed that actually the torn meteorological balloon which pieces presented to the public in a series of photos was picked up only followed.

Okuda photos undertook? The major Marcel told later that the crash fragments brought by it to a staff disappeared from a table of the general Ramey while Marcel showed the place of falling on the map in other room. On the place of fragments there were meteorological balloon scraps. In response to surprise of the major the general cut off: You will pose with scraps for photos, and I will answer the questions .

Fragments and with the ranch disappeared. The platoon of soldiers combed the territory, and everything that was found, was sent on 12 - ti cargo planes to base in Dayton, the State of Ohio where, most likely, fragments are to this day.

The public accepted the version about a meteorological balloon, and within 30 years incident did not draw attention to itself. But in 1978 - m to year the researcher Stanton Friedman found for the retired Jesse Marcel and interviewed it. After his story was published, the wave of interest in UFO rose with a new force.

But interest also remains to that. No official certificates are added, the documents shedding light on events of that time completely disappeared, despite the determined archival periods of storage. After detection of any credible certificate the set of conjectures and rumors one is thrown in mass media it is more ridiculous than another, burying under themselves those grains of information which would allow to get to the truth.

Whether there was a collapse of UFO? So far it is secret.