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How to make tasty pies on kefir?

you know some cozier and house dish, than pies? Even I will not explain... Question, of course, purely rhetorical. Personally for me the answer is obvious! There is no such dish! And cannot be! And any purchased pies, pies and rolls will never give so much pleasure and pleasures as house... Fresh, ruddy, fragrant, fluffy and unusually tasty. With special, house and cozy, character.

Especially me are attracted by pies which can be made quickly (that, of course, is not surprising at all). Here so you will bake in the morning by a breakfast pies and you sit you are proud... Well what I am a hostess today. Also did not dream the Cinderella. And only - it is necessary to know couple of recipes of the successful fast test and... a gold key, as they say, at us century. In any case couple? And it is enough one recipe. There now such, as this, for example. Personally it yet never brought me!

For the test for 10 - 12 pies we take : 1 glasses of kefir of room temperature, 2 glasses of flour, on 0,5 teaspoons of soda and salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1 yolk and 2 - 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

I said that I bake similar pies by a breakfast?! And so I, to put it mildly, not the fan of early morning reveilles, and so to bake pies to it will wound, dough and the truth has to be very fast. So, we mark.

In kefir of the first we put soda. Slightly we mix and it is with satisfaction noticed that kefir well knows the business, and soda with a sound, very characteristic of this process, bubbles and it is extinguished . We fill up with the following in kefir salt, sugar and a yolk. Again - everything it is mixed and filled up the sifted flour. We knead dough, having watered previously hands with the vegetable oil measured on a compounding.

We Knead " dough; - it is that phrase which is simply obliged to throw us into confusion... So it here inopportunely! Dough is simply mixed that all flour was absorbed, and on it we finish torture of the test. Today our task - not to torture its (dough), and just to connect all ingredients! This delicate mixing allows us to hope to receive very gentle and fluffy fried pies at the exit.

We cover the prepared dough with a pure towel and we clean away for about 20 - 30 minutes to have a rest. So, again - all the time will make for us.

And we will do a stuffing at this time. Practically any stuffings which are only prompted to you by your imagination are suitable for fried pies from this test. Both potato, and cabbage, and from a liver, and from testicles with greens, and with rice, and with mushrooms, and with berries, and apples, and a sorrel... Only choose! And I have an order today... simply, there is a little kondovo, it is exclusively simple (that especially attracts), but it is permanently tasty! Let`s do potato . It is sure - and so you know what for such to do, but...

Onions - we cut a turnip in generous quantity on a floor - half rings and we fry in mix vegetable and butter till amazingly appetizing golden color.

From boiled potatoes we merge all water, properly we mash potato in homogeneous mass, as on mashed potatoes. By the way, very conveniently and quickly to do it, just shaking up the mixer. Now we add the overroasted onions with masliyets in whom it was fried salt and pepper to taste. Ours the express - a stuffing is ready.

Further - a trick. We put to warm vegetable oil in which we will fry pies. A table on which we will be engaged in creativity (to mold pies), we oil vegetable not to push in dough of excess flour and not to hammer it, but at the same time that it did not stick. We oil hands too (only with the same intentions) and we divide dough into portion pieces. As I also spoke earlier, pieces on 10 - 12.

Each piece accurately both is gently kneaded in flat cake and we spread a stuffing. We mold pies - boats. (About a careful fastening of edges I will even tell nothing... You and whom want to it teach.) Also we fry pies in the warmed vegetable oil, having lowered fire approximately half, for 2 - 3 minutes from each party to appetizing externally and fried thoroughly inside at once... We spread ready pies on a paper towel, giving the chance to say goodbye to excess oil.

And fast we give on a table to our darlings and relatives. I assure you that dough turns out very easy and gentle. I, of course, do not suggest to bake pies each God`s... but sometimes well so there is a wish! Well with it - that thin and bezdrozhzhevy... well once a month... well at least one... It is solved! Successful to you pastries and bon appetit!