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What do we know about flowers?

Think, a little, who will begin to argue with the fact that the loveliest gift for the woman were and remain something other as flowers. It will seem to someone banal, even outdated, but the fact is the fact. But from what such pleasure brooms (in terminology of many men) have such phenomenal value for a fine half of mankind and what to be guided at the choice of flowers by? About all this is slightly lower to Flowers huge significance was attached to

at all times. Residents of the most ancient cities made of them garlands, decorating sacred temples, already six thousand years ago. In many cultures there were Gods - patrons of flowers. Ancient Rome, for example, worshipped the famous Goddess Flora. In honor of it magnificent celebrations during which the altar of the Goddess was notably covered in the fresh flowers as a sign of love and respect were organized. It is necessary to notice that there was it to enviable constancy (afterwards there is a type question: perhaps, female collective unconscious stores in itself memory of worship times?)

But it still that! The country of tulips, it is Holland, in the middle of XVBB endured the real flower boom. At that time every its second inhabitant was ready to sell the Homeland for the one and only lukovichka of a tulip. Reached that for an opportunity to possess a flower the property and even the whole houses was put!

Our country, whatever one may do, cannot brag of so frank love to pestles and stamens. Even gardeners at imperial palaces appeared only in XVBBB a century! As looked imperial plantations before, it is necessary only to guess. Nevertheless, interest in vegetation in XVBBB at Luda of Russian, apparently, nevertheless wakened century. So, after gardeners, became history of Russia certain The Register about " colors; where to everyone to a seven-flower the special was taken away (!) role and value. The country began to chirp on language of " colors;.

Actually original language of " colors; or to villages was invented much earlier. Also it arose in the east. Knowing this language, it is possible to express the most intimate feelings, especially, if to tell words - language does not turn. At such approach the usual bouquet turns into the most real speaking . Though the treatment of flowers and their coloring, certainly, is ambiguous. Nevertheless, the most widespread interpretation of flowers should be known to everyone, at least for this purpose not to talk a lot, if something happens, of any nonsenses.

So, making a declaration of love to someone, it is not necessary to be limited to red roses especially as they designate rather a passion, than tender feelings. Instead present a bouquet from orchids , of daisies , red carnations or of asters . On spring in forces to tell of romantic feelings also the usual lilac provided that your passion delighted with its look.

To hint about the sincerity, it is necessary to exercise the wit and get a little from a seabed water lily . Rabotka is labor-consuming, but the result will surpass all expectations!

Unostentatiously the bouquet of tulips will help to report on the elect (or the darling) on the mutual love , and exclusiveness will be emphasized 3 of presented of a snowdrop . That seasonally, of course.

By means of a yellow narcissus can hint at high self-esteem and selfishness of the put on airs person thinly. And the same color the hyacinth will let know that you not childly are jealous that - to that is.

You do not wish to be banal? Then present to the beloved (or to the beloved) pineapple in a pot as recognition of her (his) perfection! Such course definitely will leave nobody indifferent and will be remembered for a long time.

But, buying a bouquet, do not forget also about flower arithmetics. The total of flowers in a bouquet has to be odd, following the taken roots traditions and customs of our country. Bol of that, the special code is inherent in each numerical value:

1 flower - you mine everything!

3 flowers - with you though on the world`s end!

of 5 flowers - I love you!

of 7 flowers usually give in day of a betrothal;

of 9 flowers - a sign of friendly respect and respect;

Besides, there are certain rules taking into account which it is accepted to present flowers. These rules are rather pragmatic, than are romantic, but it is very useful to know them. To use - at will.

Having intended to present flowers, first of all you remember that they have to be svezhesrezanny. Flowers in pots give to only very close relatives or elderly people loving different living creatures.

Wishing to send to the young girl or the married woman a bouquet - another, refrain from acquisition of red roses - a passion symbol. Pick up something neutral. For example, same roses, but pastel tones. Otherwise, you can be misunderstood. And not so much the fine half of mankind how many accompanying - strong.

Congratulating on the girl`s birth, it is accepted to give pink and red flowers. With the boy`s birth - blue and violet. Moreover, give usually not one, but two bouquets - a peculiar symbol of mother and child.

According to the described rules, a strong half of mankind it is not accepted to give tiny graceful flowers. Wishing to please the man with a bouquet, take care of that it (bouquet) was made competently. Give preference to large flowers on long stalks, it as roses, chrysanthemums or carnations. Plus to everything, you watch that the bouquet had the triangular or pyramidal shape. Why? - So it is necessary. According to the instruction.

Actually, than you were guided in the choice of flowers and whatever was your bouquet, present it with love! Then even the modest field camomile will be the most desired gift.