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How to make green sandwiches?

Green sandwiches can be with a different stuffing. Paste, sausage, sausages, egg, shrimps, herring - any of these products will be suitable for green sandwiches. But with any stuffing they, of course, tasty. Otherwise it would not be simple to prepare sense them.

Why green? Because now spring - time when different greens are a lot of. Fresh, not hothouse. Even in supermarkets it looks appetizingly. What to tell about that that is on sale in the market the grandmothers who arrived from villages. Of course, those greens are the most tasty that grows on the kitchen garden. Or wild-growing. At this time on a meadow there is a lot of sorrel, young leaves of dandelions. These grasses, as well as a nettle, it is possible to add to sandwiches too. Such additives are unusual, but do taste of sandwiches richer and more refined. And the advantage of these herbs used in moderate quantity does not raise doubts.

Today`s sandwiches became on the basis of almost not sweet rolls. Such are on sale in shop. But sandwiches are much more tasty if specially to bake rolls for them. Why? Perhaps, from - for freshness degrees. The most tasty sandwiches turn out in the morning from the rolls prepared the night before. It, of course, does not mean that, having conceived sandwiches for breakfast, especially for it it is necessary to bake rolls in the evening. If the family does not love house pastries or someone on a diet, it is better to manage store unsweetened rolls. But if pies are concerned often, then it is possible to bake in the evening sausage rolls and rolls. Sausage rolls are good fresh, and rolls are ideal for sandwiches just next morning.

For the test for sausage rolls and unsweetened rolls dough can be done identical. It is simple to divide it into two parts.

Dough prepares as usual barmy. Preparation of sausage rolls and rolls takes about an hour. For the test can take a glass of water, a half-glass of milk, 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil, 50 g creamy, a salt pinch, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 egg, 50 g of yeast, premium wheat flour - are so much that it turned out elastic, not sticking to hands, but not hard dough. If instead of oil to take margarine, rolls will turn out more fluffy and crackling. But with butter is more tasty.

Except yesterday`s rolls, for preparation of green sandwiches - those that on a photo - liver pate, sausage boiled, feathers of green onions, arugula, an ogurechnik, leaves of horse-radish, a sorrel, fennel, 1 quail egg and a half of a teaspoon of a lemon was necessary for me.

It is good to wash out greens, to tear arugula. Ogurechnik to rumple and cut. To rumple in order that there was no feeling of roughness as leaves of this plant slightly prickly. But this lack of an ogurechnik is compensated by a remarkable smell of a fresh cucumber. What is necessary for those who love fresh cucumbers, but not hothouse. Well and, as any grass, the ogurechnik is vitamin-rich. Too to cut fennel, green onions, leaves of horse-radish, a sorrel. The quantity of leaves of greens can be varied to the taste.

To shake up quail egg with a lemon and salt. To cut sausage.

To cut rolls. A stuffing - paste and greens, sausage and greens.

From above to grease rolls with mix from quail egg, salt, a lemon and to strew with greens.

Such sandwiches are especially good with tea from the berries having sourish taste - bilberries, currants, raspberries.