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How Alexander Shargey became Yury Kondratyuk?

Probably, each person, watching at the star sky, feels a grain of sand which immense space calls to itself. Minutes of weakness contemplation of a star distance helps to order thoughts, to relax and thus to cope with problems.

We is rare, behind household problems, we think of a peace arrangement, but there are people for whom studying of space - a main goal of life. All of us know Tsiolkovsky, the Queen, but Yury Kondratyuk`s identity - Shargey is little-known even in the homeland of the great scientist. Actually, only since 1997, actively started talking about Kondratyuk, noting 100 - summer anniversary of birthday. His name is born by the Poltava national technical university, near the museum of aircraft and astronautics there is a monument, on the building of the Poltava teachers training university the memorial board is placed, mass media often speak about the scientist, but all - for many Alexander Gnatovich Shargey - the personality unknown. Let`s try a little to liquidate illiteracy

Alexander was born on June 9 (on June 21 on new style) 1897 in Poltava, in a small wing near the ancient Hrestovozdvizhensky monastery. A surname, not really habitual for us, - Shargey - the grandmother Ekaterina had from first marriage. In Hebrew this word has a synonym meer what in translation means torch . Alexander did not know parental caress, mother Lyudmila - the demonstrator of a protest, was arrested in 1896 (pregnant woman). Prison mockeries undermined its mental state. After the son`s birth in 1903, it will be hospitalized for the insane. The father Ignat was not interested in destiny of the son. Eternal the student moved from the city to the city, hiding from gendarmerie, for participation in that demonstration, as mother.

In 1910 the destiny brings to Alexander a new grief: death of mother in hospital, and after a while and the father (putrefactive blood poisoning). The boy was brought up by the grandfather and the grandmother. At first got an education at home. From 1910 to 1916 studied in the Second Poltava man`s gymnasium and ended it with a silver medal. Already in the senior classes of a gymnasium is interested in a problem of interplanetary flights, and in several years finished hand-written work That who will read to build . In particular, in the book it was offered to use for supply of satellites on Earth orbit it is rocket - artillery systems (now this offer is realized in the form of the transport " system; Progress ) . Besides, in work, irrespective of Tsiolkovsky, removed a formula which establishes connection between the rocket speed, speed of emission of products of its combustion and a ratio of mass of fuel and a cover of the rocket; provided the scheme of the four-stage rocket on kislorodno - hydrogen fuel, engine combustion chambers with chess and other arrangement of nozzles of an oxidizer and fuel and a lot of things another. He offered: to use an atmosphere counterbalance for braking of the rocket during descent, for landing - disembarkation of the person to use the small ship (it is realized in the " program; Apollo ) .

In 1916 arrived on mechanical office of Petrograd polytechnical institute, but in November of the same year it was called up for military service and it is enlisted in school of ensigns at one of the St. Petersburg yunkersky schools. Before demobilization in March, 1918 was at war on the Turkish front. After October revolution as the officer of imperial army, was mobilized in white army, but deserted from it. At the end of 1919 it is mobilized again, but on the way from Kiev to Odessa escaped from a military echelon without documents.

When Bolsheviks strong took the power in hand, Alexander Gnatovich Shargey understood, than threatens him the officer past. Understood it and the stepmother Elena Petrovna Giberman loving and respecting him. Exactly thanks to her efforts in October, 1921 Alexander Shargey dies of tuberculosis and with new documents soon from Small Whisky into the North Caucasus leaves Yury Vasilyevich Kondratyuk Elena Petrovna kept in secret what made, till last days life (only in 1977 the daughter told it about it). And the name of Yury Vasilyevich Kondratyuk is known to all who are interested in space and entered encyclopedias and books.