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Porridge for breakfast - it is good?

Day of the modern person is filled with various affairs, duties, entertainments and communication. But sometimes, having woken up, we feel sluggish and not ready for daily feats. Drowsiness, laziness, fatigue is signs of lack of energy in our organism. There are many ways and ways to return itself vigor, among them - good health.

Let`s try to restore balance of forces in a body since the morning, and the healthy full-fledged breakfast can be a source of health and energy.

As usual there passes your breakfast?

Seldom when people seriously treat the morning meal. Usually for breakfast we intercept couple of sandwiches and a cup of instant coffee, it is good if we eat a yogurt jar - though after it in an hour hunger comes back. Some say that since morning they are in general are not ready yet, there is no appetite - and go on affairs next the heart. The situation is better in a family with small children - mothers cook to them a morning squash though they for some reason prefer to have a bite cookies or the same sandwich.

And in vain because porridges is a balanced, power-intensive food. And a big breakfast, according to nutritionists - a guarantee of a good metabolism! Good morning and to eat

it is given!

But here many readers begin to remember

morning in kindergarten and a sad kovyryaniye in a plate with cream of wheat. Whether it is worth saying that it does not give motivation in transition to a healthy breakfast? And you esteem about all those pluses that receive with a plate of svezhesvarenny, hot porridge:

From porridge you receive cellulose, vitamins, especially groups B, valuable vegetable protein.

At the same time porridge - is low-calorie if only without sugar and a large amount of oil.

Porridge will help you to keep for a long time sense of fulness, and during the lunchtime you will not snatch on high-calorific food, like a hungry wolf.

The daily morning plate of porridge will accustom your organism to discipline and a healthy lifestyle.

Grain starts process of healthy digestion since the morning, without loading an organism with harmful elements.

So, porridge - the best breakfast which without special expenses can be prepared from the most ordinary grain. But porridges happen different.

That today in the menu?

Of course, you heard a story about what porridge the most useful and what better at all to eat. Let`s acquire for ourselves at once: the grain for porridge is more natural, the it is more useful. That is there is " grain; cleared - processed and strongly crushed. It is, for example, a semolina. Such porridge is quickly acquired by an organism, but also the feeling of hunger comes back quickly.

One more unhealthy type of porridge - instant or from bags. Chemical composition of it bag remains a riddle, grain is most purified, and porridge turns out many times kaloriyny.

Here it is better to refrain from these porridges. Though it is clear that instant porridge - the tempting offer. Its preparation takes five minutes - to boil a teapot, to pour out mix in a plate and to fill in with water. And it is valid how to be if since morning of time for preparation of a breakfast it is not enough or hunger rises also a reluctance to wait when porridge cooks?

Recipes of a healthy breakfast

the Breakfast has to be dense and early - if you sit down at a table in an hour after awakening, it already rather late, exchange processes in an organism are broken. How to pass to healthy morning food, without spending a lot of time for cooking of porridge?

If you choose some one type of porridge which quickly cooks, for example, corn, preparation of a breakfast will borrow minutes 10. But a variety is wanted not only by soul, but also an organism. All secret that it is necessary to be prepared for a breakfast since evening!

To accelerate cooking process, grain can be washed out, filled up in a thermos and to trouble boiled water for the night. For buckwheat and grits such cookings there is enough. Since morning it is only possible to warm up and add to taste salt, milk, oil or yogurt. Rough grain like millet should be cooked longer in a pan on a plate, but all the same this process will borrow much less time.

About additives in porridge: sugar is empty carbohydrates, be not too lazy - add raisin or fresh sweet fruit to porridge. Then your breakfast will become even more useful.

If decided to add oil - calories, but oil a useful product will be added (if only at you is not present warmly - vascular diseases). There will be enough one teaspoon of oil.

Whether it is necessary to cook porridge on milk? Yes, dairy and grain products well work at each other. But nutritionists advise to cook porridge on skim milk. Only remember that rice and pearl-barley porridge will cook very long in milk! At first boil rice in boiled water and when it is almost ready, merge water and replace it with milk.

Well? There was a wish for a squash?!