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Whether sports additives are necessary to children? One my acquaintance the other day asked

: You play nearly 30 years sports - advise something to Dimke more feasibly to become.

the Question surprised me, as far as I know her seven-year-old little son enough; the guy quite strong and developed. With very good indicators in sport what else to wish to parents? But very considerable progress of the beloved child becomes much, alas, over time a little even. And parents already forget that brought the child into the hall behind receiving health, but not its waste for the sake of mythical achievements.

Also search of food additives begins. Begin, as a rule, with creatine - natural and in general a safe additive. The principle of effect of creatine is based on its proximity with the main sources of energy for muscles. As a result, the person accepting creatine becomes stronger, is more hardy, more vigorous. However is an adult.

Creatine can be harmful to a children`s organism that all this acid. And getting into a stomach, this acid can cause his irritation. Over time stimulating development of various gastric diseases including chronic. However not all parents will think of it when the trainer speaks: From creatine your son will increase the weight of exercise machines by 10 kilograms and will run a hundred-meter race 2 seconds faster .

Well and in parallel various proteins, geyner begin to fill up a diet of the growing-up champion. They, in fact, do not bear any harm (we mean that goods rather qualitative and not overdue) except one - the overestimated expectations. All these cocktails - no more than food, and the same protein the child can receive from cottage cheese, eggs, meat. It is no wonder that if at the child already the diet was balanced, the effect will not be. And it not only financial losses, but also moral experiences. And if does not carry, then and food frustration can be earned. All proteins contain fragrances which can cause specific reactions of an organism.

It is worse if the child has problems with excess weight. In this case for weight loss zhiroszhigatel - preparations with a difficult chemical composition are used. Are a part of zhiroszhigataly as safe substances, like l - a carnitine or vitamins, and rather aggressive connections. Some of them (for example guarana extract) are capable to influence the level of hormones even of the adult. What to tell about the child`s organism whose endocrine system is on the way of development and formation.

Reception of zhiroszhigatel aged till 16 years is capable to break work of hormonal system of the person. And in certain cases these changes will be irreversible. Nevertheless, some careful mummies after trainings give out to the offsprings on couple of capsules from various jars with inscriptions. Though word careful there is a strong wish to put in quotes.

And, as a rule, something to explain attempts to them and to din the success is not brought any. People somewhere read something, someone told them also everything, they were assured of the correctness. Especially as also result - that is! Really work as Zhiroszhigateli, weight is lost, the effect is. And here the fact that various consequences will be shown many years later they do not reflect at all.

Alas, but it is worth recognizing that efficiency and existence of results very often muffle a voice of elementary logic. Sports doctors or professional nutritionists could help, but how often parents address them at selection of sports food?

And at the same time easy and simple decisions lie on a surface. The banal physical culture in the fresh air will be the best zhiroszhigatel for the child! Soccer, run, bicycle any physical activity. The child`s metabolism much quicker, than at the adult and subcutaneous fat is burned easier. It is only enough to increase number of active games in the fresh air and to clean all sweet and farinaceous food from a diet and you immensely are surprised to changes in a constitution!

The child needs no additives, there is quite enough full-fledged food and regular trainings. And it is meant full-fledged food: meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, natural products of house preparation. But not fast - foot after which no zhiroszhigatel will help.

Not to mention that the figure of the person is over the years inclined to change naturally. And sometimes the chubby child in the childhood appears as the lean and strong teenager. And thin and angular suddenly finds a chubby paunch. A day regimen, physical activities and simple healthy food it is capable to design a body during puberty. However many parents grab simpler, easy and main momentary decision sports food. Also begin to stuff the child with additives which are not intended for this age at all. And here what with such parents to do?