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How to make marble cake?

Cake belong to that widespread type of pastries which is given also to tea, and eat for breakfast, and take with themselves in the road and on having a snack at work, prepare in a special occasion (Christmas and Easter) and simply to give to warm-heartedness and cosiness to a house sit-round gathering. Recipes of cakes there is such quantity and such variety of additives - stuffings what to undertake their transfer - business not so grateful, and we will definitely not do it today! Unless everything you will remember

with ancient - that times when the first cakes and appeared. Yes it seems it is also not necessary to us! Here specifically today we are interested in cake marble ... Still it is possible to call it day and night as well as like to do very many when at a biscuit or in general at pastries there are two colors of the test - brown and white, or frankly - chocolate and simple, for example, vanilla. I still would call such cake Both ours, and yours . Quite so it in my family, personally I gently and disinterestedly prefer all chocolate, and my husband gives preference only white to the test. Here and compromise. All are happy... all interests are considered... A fight is cancelled for today! Yes there will be a world (it is desirable around the world) and family tea drinking.

It is necessary : 4 eggs, 2 glasses of flour, 1 glass of sugar, a pack of vanilla sugar, a pinch of salt, 100 g of chocolate (it is possible to replace with 2 powder cocoa tablespoons, full with a hill), 3/4 glasses of milk, a half of a teaspoon of a baking powder and a pack (200 g) of butter. It is desirable to use all products identical room temperature.

It is traditionally accepted to bake cakes in a round form with high, most often wavy boards with a hole (cavity) in the middle. But if you suddenly not the happy owner of such form, then safely bake in any other, without having forgotten it to grease, however, all the same carefully with butter and to powder with flour which surplus should be shaken. In total! From a form we will have no problems with extraction of cake! Will fall out! Fact.

We start the test... It to do the benefit - business very simple and not long too. So: we pound butter of room temperature (or we shake up in the mixer) with sugar, vanilla sugar and salt. It is desirable that sugar managed in the course of a mastication to be dissolved. For this reason sugar it is desirable to take small for this test.

To ground and in this regard to the oil which became magnificent we add one egg. Respectively, we add each following egg only when previous completely interferes.

Safely we add all flour mixed with a baking powder to the received weight at once. We mix to uniformity and we add a half-glass of milk to the turned-out quite dense dough. Besides everything we knead slightly big half of dough to a gladkostiya we spread on a bottom of the baking dish prepared by us. Slightly we level dough.

We add the kindled chocolate and the remained milk to the remained slightly smaller half of the test. Only from - for natural once again I will add tediousness that besides everything is well mixed and we spread the received chocolate dough over white. We level. The form has to be occupied no more than on two thirds of height. Well always there has to be a place for growth... and test too... fact!

That in ready pastries it turned out marble effect, by means of a fork the easy movements, without shuffling on a form bottom, as if we mix the lower white layer with chocolate. Here it, finishing... now in the oven warmed to 180 - 200 degrees for about 50 minutes or at the whole o`clock.

Cake is simply obliged to grow, the wooden stick put and which is quickly taken out approximately from cake core has to remain absolutely dry. Cake is ready. Let will a little cool down and we will take out it from a form on a lattice where it has to cool down finally.

Ready cake can be decorated, without constraining flight of the imagination at all. And it is possible and considering house opportunities - it is simple to powder it with icing sugar... well chocolate fondant it would be quite good too... only the husband, I am afraid, will not approve. Everything is solved! Only icing sugar... here my today`s gold key .

It was necessary only to make fresh tea... Join! I invite all. Successful to you pastries and bon appetit!