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You want to become known? Compose myths about yourself. To birthday of Salvador Dali of

does not raise doubts Any more that Salvador Jacinto Dali Domench Cusi Farres (he is just Salvador Dali) was ingenious in mother`s womb. However, before only he spoke about it, but, in process of increase of its popularity and finding of lifetime glory, all admirers of his talent began to speak about it. Began to speak even those who did not see its artworks.

his parents very much wanted to have the son - the Savior therefore called respectively: Salvador in translation from Spanish means savior . And he should rescue their family of great antiquity (the first son who appeared in a family died), but young Dali chose other way.

Its way lay to the world of art and to the abyss of shocking, in a jungle of vanity and in pleasure of narcissism, in morbidity of envy and in a love height. He chose this way and created the world.

The world of the artist by definition is difficult and diverse, is often so original and original that to speak about the artist Other-wordly became already habitual.

But, one business when about the artist say others, besides, that the artist about the eccentricities also does not suspect - he lives it naturally. Lives as breathes. Other business - deliberate shock value to summon interest. Many people of art sin with it. And it is clear - identity above all.

The name as the trademark, is highly appreciated very much. Sometimes and works - that it is difficult to call works, but the name works wonders. More precisely - money.

These oppositions do not concern to Salvador Dali. It is organic. It personified everything at once. Thanks to the valid talent of the artist, of course.

To be able it is good to draw and become the recognized artist - not same. Before it is necessary to enter the world of art interestingly that you were remembered. Someone tries to represent feats, someone continually shows the the best the parties of character and soul, someone sincerely believes that the quantity will surely turn into quality in relation to artists Salvador Dali decided to shock with

public! He began to struggle with common sense resolutely. And results did not keep themselves waiting: it is expelled by their Academies of Arts for impudence, it gets to prison for a while For the blasphemous words I spit on the mother traced in one of the pictures, Salvador father forbade it to come back home.

Not to count all its tricks, eccentricities and the played tricks . That he invites Picasso to Spain peculiar: Picasso the Spaniard - also I am Spaniard too! Picasso is the genius, and I am a genius too! Picasso is the communist, and I too am not present ! That in a gold space suit and sitting in the transparent sphere welcomes gapers of New - York. That movie The Wheelbarrow in the " flesh; with Anna Magnani in a leading role is going to remove. And the heroine according to the scenario falls in love with the car.

In a word, genius of surrealism !. A surrealism in painting, a surrealism in design, in perfumery, in fashion, at cinema, in literature, in the human relations Really not to count everything in one article, but it is possible to mention.

And therefore I want to bring to your attention only some councils from 50 magic secrets of skill from Salvador Dali.

Secret the first : the artist has to have five various brushes, he works with each of which absolutely in a special way.

Secret of the second : without springboard it is impossible to grind picture details, doing flying movements by a fanlike brush.

Secret the third : a dream with a key in a hand .

Secret the fourth : a dream with sea hedgehogs .

Secret the fifth : a dream under the influence of three eyes of a catfish .

Secret of the sixth : a dream in a condition of semi-wakefulness .

Secret of the seventh : one objects push away, and others attract an eye retina.

Secret of the eighth : plants which promote painting classes and which can be planted near the house of the artist.

Secret the eleventh : as to make a telescope by means of which the artist learns of a skeleton of a sea hedgehog that she came it is time to finish work on a picture.

Secret the fourteenth : choosing itself the wife, the artist has to remember a perfect form of an olive.

Secret the fifteenth : how to build the dwelling for spiders.

Secret the sixteenth : as by means of these dwellings to return the past.

Secret the seventeenth : the secret is small, but very important - how to make the canopy preventing dust to settle on a picture.

Secret the eighteenth : the artist has to have long, bent up moustaches.

Secret the nineteenth : how to be engaged in painting, without being able to draw.

Secret the twenty third : why the great draftsman has to draw naked.

Secret of the forty sixth : how to use in the long term a golden ratio that the received results cast easy grief.

Secret the fiftieth : about an angel.

In conclusion I quote Salvador Dali as a reason for reflection: Our time - an era of cretins, an era of consumption, and I would be the last idiot if did not shake out everything that is only possible " from cretins of this era;.