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We operate chaos, and not vice versa. For what it is necessary to make the house menu for a month?

Well - well, I thought too that this madness and next kink my acquaintance - well very much desperate housewives. But passed month two after its revelation, and I sat down at a notebook - to make this menu. By the evening the printed-out sheets already hung on the refrigerator, and in couple of days children tried to make a complaint for a subject of what I prepared not that they expected. Anyway, the menu does not hang on the refrigerator any more, but I continue to follow it. Year as. I do not say

Ya that such system will suit all. There are people who perceive any framework as restriction of freedom. Like, in the menu there is a stake, and I want some sushi. If you from category such, it is possible not to read further. I write for those who perceive preparation of a dinner not as masterly art and as necessary routine. What, however, does not mean that we do not like to cook. Very much even! But time limit always introduces amendments in our hobbies. I am ready to manage long in kitchen, but not on weekday when the food has to be cooked with 5 to 6 because to five you come from work, and to 7 at the child training.

For a start we will understand what it is necessary for?

The first - planning of the budget on food. Besides actually menu, in a leaflet there are some more columns where the quantity of food which should be bought for the future is specified, and what we buy the day before. Unfortunately, for the month ahead I had to refuse purchase of products so far, but I will return to it soon.

The second - and the most important. Earlier for me thoughts of what to prepare for dinner took more time, than actually cooking process. It oppressed, within a week it was not necessary to speak about balance of food (the same rice as a garnish could never be one week three times, and another -), and as my nerves suffered! But now my life stopped being chaos rather now I can operate it. I do not stuff myself the head with what to buy in a supermarket, and I do not suffer on the fact that the cooled meat reached a limit - I defreeze what bought earlier since morning because I know well that the family will eat for dinner.

Supporters of planning suggest to begin with that within several weeks it is scrupulous to write down that we prepare. It is necessary to know approximate quantity of dishes which will be included in our menu. But it seemed to me routine and boring. Therefore I went on other way. I began to alternate dinners on days of week. For example, on Tuesday at me rice or buckwheat. But not just as porridge, and as complete dish: rice kingly in milk, pilaf, buckwheat on - merchant or buckwheat with a liver. Now I know well that on Monday I prepare paste (oh, how many new recipes with macaroni I know now!) and on Friday at me some pie or pizza.

In general, ideally it is necessary to make the menu on all meals. But dinners are actual for me. For breakfast we eat quite monotonously and all differently. We have dinner partially outdoors. Therefore the question of preparation of soup sharply is not necessary. So, there are only dinners.

With work I was lucky meaning that I have days which were more loaded less. Therefore those days when I can come later, I plan easier dishes in preparation. If you have not such tough schedule, then and the menu can be more mobile. And if you and products buy for a month or at least for the week ahead, then problems with replacement should not arise.

According to the menu I live year. Over time I ceased to adhere to the tough schedule: the first Monday - paste with seafood, the second - with ham, the third - a bolognese. But the main thing - I exempted the head from unnecessary thoughts of what to prepare. I just know it. So I can think of something another - about the future trip to Italy, for example. I do not buy in shop of excess products, so I save. Try also you - suddenly it will be pleasant to you.


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For us the subject of planning of food became so interesting that we even created the website helping to make the menu and to form the automatic list of purchases. We invite you to try to make the menu or to use ours.