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Mountain ash - a tree from hundred grieves. In what its value?

Are in family Rozotsvetnykh a surprising plant - a mountain ash ordinary. From time immemorial people believed that there lives in it the spirit of a tree - the drevesnitsa preserving the person against evil forces and other misfortunes. For it the mountain ash was read, loved and protected.

Patrimonial name sorbuc the mountain ash received from the word tart for the corresponding taste of fruits. The mountain ash is undemanding to soils, is photophilous, frost-resistant - maintains frosts to 50 degrees. Prefers edges of the woods, a light forest, grows on coast of the rivers and lakes. Enters a fruiting stage from 6 - 10 years and lives till 200 years.

For a long time the mountain ash was planted near dwellings to protect a family from evil spirits, diseases and other troubles.

In September, during maturing of fruits, according to a national calendar celebrated the day of Pyotr - Pavel Ryabinnik. This day clusters of fruits hanged out under roofs of houses, sheds, and at the edges of fields stuck branches with berries. In Baltic on Yaks put such branches - also decorated with charms houses, sheds, fields and wells.

In the people at mountain ash night called night when the mountain ash blossomed and the thunder-storm behaved violently. In such time the evil spirit walked on the ground, and the thunder and lightnings destroyed it therefore mountain ash branches in old times reckoned with red berries as a symbol of the Perunovy club capable to protect the person from troubles.

The mountain ash was widely used from a malefice and damage of babies and small children. It is useful to keep mountain ash branches in the house in which one of family members possesses explosive character - it will help to direct energy of anger to creation.

Long since in Russia houses cut from an oak and who was poorer - from a pine and a fir-tree. Such log huts burned on - black and could flash instantly. Big danger proceeded from smithies. Not without reason them had at some distance from dwellings and planted round with a mountain ash - its wood lights up hardly, and the magnificent krone gives in to a riding flame not at once.

Was considered that the mountain ash spirit drives away illnesses therefore in the summer of patients took out under mountain ash trees. Sechka from her leaves was used at a bookmark on winter storage of vegetables and fruit - decay was not got till the spring.

Dense viscous wood was appreciated by masters. From it turned axes and plugs for carriages and carts, did expensive furniture. Also the mountain ash was applied to production of musical instruments - clarinets, flutes.

When the mountain ash, its tart almond aroma zheltovato blossoms - white inflorescences steadily attracts bees. Mountain ash honey granular, reddish, with bitterishly - tart aroma.

Many agricultural signs were connected with a mountain ash. For example such:

The mountain ash blossoms ryasno - a lot of oats will be.

In the wood is a lot of mountain ash - the fall will be rainy.

the Mountain ash blossomed - it is time to sow lyon.

In medicine the mountain ash was applied from an extreme antiquity. It renders the all-strengthening, vasodilating, soothing, diuretic, zhelchegonny action, promotes improvement of a metabolism.

Fruits of a mountain ash are vitamin-rich, in the form of broths, juice, infusions accept them at exhaustion, gipovitaminoza, atherosclerosis. Flowers and berries are useful sick diabetes, at a disease of a thyroid gland, skin and many other diseases.

The fruits baked with honey were yielded at the general weakness. The steamed-out berries served good styptic as means.

At the use of fruits of a mountain ash it is necessary to remember that it is contraindicated at the increased acidity of gastric juice.

flowers, leaves and fruits contain a large amount of phytoncides. The branch of a mountain ash is capable to make marsh water suitable for drink, and placed in clear water - keeps it in such look for months.

In veterinary science broth from fruits of a mountain ash is used for treatment of diseases of lungs at animals.

From berries of a mountain ash it is possible to make curative jam, it turns out a jelly consistence, with a soft taste of bitterness and pleasant aroma.

Before cooking fruits should be lowered for reduction of bitterness in the boiling 3% solution of salt. After that to fill in berries hot 50 - 60% sugar syrup, to leave for 12 hours. It is better to cook in stages. On 1 kilogram of fruits to take 1,5 kg of sugar.

In ice cold winter day taste a spoon of such jam, you will wash down with fragrant herbal tea - and spring days when the ryabinushka puts on the openwork will recover in memory it is yellow - a white dress... And autumn - when burn with an orange flame of a cluster of its curative fruits.