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Let there will always be a Sun?

I came to this world to see the sun - the Russian poet Konstantin Balmont quite reasonably declared. Really, it is difficult to argue with this firm postulate. Without the Sun life is impossible. In 2004 the European office of the International society of solar energy decided that it is time to pay a tribute to our star, and determined on May 3 the International Day of the Sun. Officials, most likely, decided to diversify with

a political calendar (on May 3 the World Day of freedom of press is also celebrated) and added for a change light holiday.

In ancient times the Sun served as a deity which was worshipped every day in many countries and the people. In different cultures the Sun was called differently. The most known cult of the Sun was widespread in Ancient Egypt where it was called as god Ra. The great Russian Volga River in the ancient time too was called Ra. It as if turns out that the fiery deity was transformed to a water deity. Without water, as well as without the Sun, life will practically not turn out.

Throughout many millennia the Sun served in mythologies of many people as god or a cult. But then people thought again also equated the Sun to a usual celestial body in which there is no mysticism. The sun began to be considered as the ordinary heated sphere in which subsoil occur the chemist - physical processes. It as biochemists claim that happiness is a set and synthesis of certain hormones. If to follow this logic, then the person is the ordered bag with bones and flesh in which there are some biological processes.

Each 11 - 12 years on the Sun occur flashes, that is rough activity of the sun which definitely influences mortal life begins. It is unlikely such processes arise spontaneously, some conscious programmed action is felt in it. The Soviet biophysicist Alexander Chizhevsky in general went further and in plain terms declared that many revolutions, large social and natural cataclysms result and depend on solar activity. Of course, in such nonsense not all trust, but not everything is so simple.

The religion considered that Earth is the center of the universe. Aristarkh Samossky stated in this respect doubt more than two thousand years ago and defined the Sun as main thing chief in our system. Well, and Nicolaus Copernicus already officially and scientifically confirmed and fixed this postulate. Ancient scientists, of course, did not know, but now it is authentically known that volume in Solar system belongs for 99% to the Sun. That is, whatever one may do, and it - main treasurer on delivery vital solar currencies without which mortal life is inconceivable human and in general.

On representations of scientists, the Sun will develop the resource approximately through five billion years. So the mankind has still time to be prepared thoroughly for such galactic apocalypse.

Well and as Vladimir Mayakovsky optimistically declared: To Shine always, to shine everywhere, about days of the last of a collum, to shine - and that`s all! Here my slogan and Sun!