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How it is correct to choose a gift to the kid?

As are sung in the song there? Birthday, a childhood holiday, and from it not to get to " anywhere; So, your friends or relatives invited you to a remarkable holiday, one of the first birthdays the adored child. There is no place to disappear indeed: it is necessary to look for a gift.

the Problem, by the way, turns out double: it is necessary to please both the kid, and his happy parents. To Then please only the birthday man - program at least and to find such gift which will delight both the child, and his father with mother is already maximum programme . Now let`s estimate

" Option; banal : not to strain especially, and to get rid some plush creation from the nearest shop. Let`s tell at once: such gift still can (theoretically) impress the kid, and here his parents - hardly. Most likely, such persons on duty gifts at them were already gathered much, and next dust collector has every chance to go to a case or to the storeroom as soon as dityo lets out it from a field of vision. Of course, almost all kids have favourite plush toys, but such favourites always it is a little: one, at most - two. And to hope that you will be able to choose such toy, it is possible, only if you very much - are very close familiar with the birthday man.

One more caution: avoid huge toys. For some reason it seems to some that banality of a gift can be compensated it by the sizes. Of course, the plush hare in human growth will make on the three-year-old child indelible impression and only not absolutely it what is necessary: most likely, it will just frighten the kid. And parents will puzzle then still where to put this monster. So if all of you - decided to go in the choice of a gift on an incorrect plush path, choose beautiful and qualitative, but not the biggest options. And at the time of the choice try to forget about all the life experience: do not think what of toys more abruptly or more actually - the kid thinks absolutely other categories. Just it is pleasant to it - or not. Look at them with the child`s eyes, and you will have much more chances to find what is necessary.

" option; practical : something from clothes. If you well know tastes of the father and - especially - mothers, then it is possible to try. Only do not miss with a size: if there is no confidence, buy better for growth. However, be ready that the kid, most likely, will not be strongly impressed with a new thing: at the age of three - five years at it usually other life priorities. However, an exit is - to buy at once two gifts: clothes to warm hearts of parents and a good toy to please the birthday man.

And as it additional gift very many things can perfectly serve: simple designers without small detalek (them both boys, and girls equally love), the various developing games, figures of favourite animation characters (here, however, costs in advance accurately to ventilate a question with parents: may be what they someone from them dislike). At last, it is possible to present DVD with the last hit animated film: even if it was also managed to be looked at cinema - as it is known, children can revise favourite cartoons, will not learn by heart yet.

And finally - one more council. On malyshovskiya birthday will be to be declared quite appropriate not with a bouquet of flowers (especially as the allergy to pollen or something in the same vein can be found in someone from a detvoryila of adults), and with a linking of the presents, the flying balloons! Be sure: this last stroke also the little hero of the occasion, and all - all - all will appreciate!