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How to equip a nursery?

the Nursery - the most important room in the house. This my deep belief. Children`s it is necessary to equip, without feeling sorry for either forces, or means, and, above all - putting in it all heart and soul. The motto at arrangement of the nursery has to become: cosiness, comfort and safety of the child!

Under the nursery it is necessary to allocate the warmest, light and dry room, it is desirable on sunny side. It is not necessary to encumber a nursery with anything superfluous, put in it only the most necessary furniture.

The furniture for the small child has to be soft and roundish. Any acute angles, especially metal! For children is more senior the transformed furniture which, of course, should allow the child to be rearranged and combined at discretion is very good. It is very good if in a nursery the sports corner including the Swedish wall, rings, trapezes, a swing is equipped... Of course, the sports corner has to meet all safety requirements.

The nursery has to be well lit. It is necessary to use as much as possible possibilities of natural lighting, in the afternoon all curtains, even light tulle, it is better to open. On a ceiling there has to be a bright chandelier, on a desk - a desk lamp, and on a wall - a night lamp. By itself, plafonds of all lamps which the child can reach (and they reach sometimes such places that adults also cannot think) have to be unbreakable.

The color scale of a nursery is very important. It is preferable that dominated pastel tone - pale shades green, yellow, blue, pink. And it is better to limit bright and saturated colors to rather small sites of an interior.

Green color is good for the child: it promotes concentration of attention and good mood, stabilization of pulse and breath and even normalization of blood and intraocular pressure. Not incidentally for a long time desks fitted green cloth, and at schools painted school desks with green paint.

Blue color removes muscular stress, slightly dulls pain. Yellow promotes intellectual work, sharpness of thinking. But bright shades of these flowers in a nursery can be present only at small amounts, for example, separate medium-sized furnishings: stool, blanket, padded stool. Still more it belongs to orange color which increases appetite, helps normal work of a digestive tract, but surplus in the nursery can lead it to overfatigue and even dizziness at the child. Be limited to small orange spots - several toys, drawings, small details of furniture and there will be quite enough clothes of orange color.

And it is bright - it is better to avoid red and claret flowers in the nursery in general. These colors negatively influence mentality of the child (as, however, and the adult), lead to overexcitation, promote increase of arterial pressure, can provoke emergence of headaches and even nightmares.

Objects of black are also undesirable in the nursery, it is dark - brown color and very dark shades of other flowers (blue, green, violet). Especially large, dominating. They depress, can cause a depression.

And most important. At the equipment of a nursery for a second do not forget about safety of the child. Especially if it is the room for the child of preschool age. In the nursery there should not be no uniform subject which the kid could break, overturn on himself or swallow. Yes, to swallow! The had button or, say, eyes glued from a soft toy can do troubles not less, than an unstable case. Examine attentively all objects which are in the nursery, asking themselves questions: what will be if the kid climbs on him and will fall, or will be knocked from running start, either will begin to shake, or will knock a massive toy, or will taste... And ruthlessly clean everything that causes though the slightest doubts in safety.