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Chocolate: what is necessary about is mute the nobility?

Chocolate - a product not absolutely usual. And business at all not in thousand-year history of existence of a product or its properties, exclusive for human health. For most of people this delicacy is associated with pleasure or even happiness. The most important that the chocolate bar was a qualitative product, but not a chemical substitute. Many of you will be surprised to

when they learn that chocolate exists more than 3000 years, but in ancient times it was used only as drink. The name to a product was given by Aztecs, and on one of versions of linguists xocolatl in translation from their language means bitter " water;. Aztecs and Indians have a Maya drink from cocoa - beans was considered sacred, drank it to become wiser and stronger. For giving of special taste it was accepted to add bitter pepper to chocolate drink.

Chocolate got to Europe thanks to Columbus. It in the XVI century brought cocoa - beans together with other transatlantic treasures to the king Ferdinand Aragonsky. First chocolate drink was considered as exclusively man`s prerogative and from - for the high cost was available only to the upper class. With development of industrial production chocolate fell in price and now less wealthy citizens could enjoy its unusual taste. By the end of the XVII century the product began to be added as ingredient to confectionery, from now on it became possible not only to drink it, but also is. The chocolates loved by all of us for the first time appeared not so long ago - in the XIX century.

In the modern world any delicacy will not be compared to popularity of chocolate. According to the estimates of nutritionists, annually the population of our planet eats 600 thousand tons of this divine product. Further all in the love to a dark delicacy French went - they suggested to celebrate the World day of chocolate annually on July 11.

Sweet teeth can be glad, using chocolate in small portions, they give invaluable support to the health. It contains the flavonoids normalizing blood circulation and strengthening a cardiac muscle and vessels. Theobromine and caffeine stimulate brain activity and strengthen memory. Magnesium and potassium perfectly support nervous system. Thanks to high content of glucose and fats the chocolate tile is capable to relieve the person of feeling of hunger and to give it forces. Hormone serotonin will provide to the gourmand fine mood and vigorous mood. And still the product from cocoa - beans is highly esteemed at loving couples as it is the most powerful aphrodisiac.

But not all chocolate which is on sale today in shops is the present, so, useful. The qualitative product has to contain 4 main components of a component in the structure: cocoa mass, cocoa - oil, lecithin and icing sugar. Color of chocolate depends on amount of the cocoa added to it by production. Most of all it in bitter chocolate (from 50% and above), and here in white it completely is absent.

If on a wrapper of a chocolate it is specified that it is made with use of vegetable oils or the hydrogenated fat, then you can be sure that before you not natural chocolate, but just sweet substitute which is not bearing absolutely any advantage. The real qualitative chocolate has to thaw as soon as you put it on language. And here for a rastopleniye of hydrofats of temperature of a human body will be insufficiently therefore the counterfeit product at you in a mouth will thaw not at once.

Quite often add soy to chocolate. It is possible to define its existence visually: the tile of a soy product lighter and opaque, and natural chocolate always has a glossy surface. Break a tile piece: if it breaks with a dry crash and at the same time does not last, so in its structure there is nothing superfluous. Soy chocolate breaks with a deaf sound and if you bite off it - will stick to teeth.

Buying a chocolate, study its structure specified on a wrapper. Try to acquire only qualitative goods. Also do not trust people who say that chocolate is harmful. It does not spoil teeth as cocoa - the oil which is its part envelops them a special film and protects from destruction. If you do not want to pay for love to chocolate with the slim figure, give preference to dark chocolate. It less kaloriyen can be also successfully included in structure of the balanced diet.

Never refuse to themselves pleasure to regale on chocolate, it not only is tasty, but also it is very useful!