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How to bake cake... on a frying pan?

of Options of cakes exist great variety: both biscuit, and sand, and bezovy, and a lot what. But almost all of them (behind an exception unless only cake - a souffle) demand an oven. But this condition (existence of an oven) happens sometimes impracticable! For example, at the dacha... Or broke, or just very much hot and to include an oven - just some kind of sadism, and here guests, for example, still nobody cancelled! So cake, whatever one may do, is necessary! And it will be! Only we will bake it on a frying pan.

It, by the way will be to tell, much quicker, and to taste such cake in general concedes nothing to the baked fellows! It really becomes very quickly and therefore it is more logical to begin its production with cream. That then still lukewarm dry biscuits was what to grease.

For cream we take : " cheese; Philadelphia room temperature - 1 pack (225 g), cream of 38% of fat content - 500 ml, a cold, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 150 g of icing sugar.

To be fair it is necessary to notice that to this cake the custard is ideally suited. It will be also remarkable with smetanny and butter cream. So if in economy is not present " today; Philadelphia safely we switch the efforts in other direction.

We put cold cream to be shaken up, and at this time cheese (room temperature) is pounded with icing sugar to a uniform state. We add whipped cream to cheese and properly we mix. We add vanilla. Cream is ready. It is possible to pass to the test.

For the test we take : To 1 bank of condensed milk, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of soda, vinegar and 3 glasses of flour.

We add egg to condensed milk and it is well mixed, we extinguish soda vinegar and too we add to the general bowl. Gradually we add the sifted flour. Not all at once. For a start - a glass two. We mix a spoon and when it becomes difficult to disturb, we sift the remained flour on a table, we throw out dough there and we knead hands.

Strongly it is not necessary to hammer dough. It, by the way, very gentle, elastic and pliable turns out. As begins to come unstuck from hands - all! It is ready! Minutes 3 - 5 our precious times are given for receiving this result.

Further we divide our dough on 8 - 9 identical (as it seems to us) pieces. We put to warm a frying pan. With a teflon covering - it is fine! Any it is not necessary to oil anything. We roll in thin flat cake, we do by a fork punctures in several places that it was not blown up, and we bake literally a two-three of minutes on one party and minute - on another. While this dry biscuit is concerned, we roll following.

It is more convenient to cut off dry biscuits while they are warm. If you decided to decorate cake with crumbs, that is sense to crumble that not format that you from dry biscuits cut off, and once again to fry a little to a golden shade.

Ready dry biscuits at once (and what to pull... you will sit down earlier, as they say, earlier and all the rest) we grease with cream. Too, naturally, we lick sides and a top into shape. To tell honestly, the berry with sourness is that cherry on cake! And I decided to powder sides not with a crumb, but almonds. Well if it at me is why is not present!

Cake, certainly, should allow to become impregnated. Taste becomes ideal next day! Soft, gentle, moderately sweet... There is a sense to wait!

Successful to you pastries and bon appetit!