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What to prepare from vegetable marrows? Three simple recipes of

the Vegetable marrow - not just vegetable, are a well of vitamins at a minimum of calories. Not for nothing it is so loved by hostesses. From a vegetable marrow it is possible to prepare the most various dishes. I offer which - that tasty to your table. So...

the Magic vegetable marrow (fast marinade for vegetable marrows)

the Amazing recipe, especially for those who with ostrenky on you . It is possible also on a garnish for meat and as salatik, and as snack - in general shikoz!

We take : very young vegetable marrows - pieces 3 (400 - 500), a fennel bunch, 2 - 3 garlic gloves, olive (or vegetable refined) oil 60 - 70 g, 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon of liquid honey, black pepper and salt.

We wash vegetable marrows and we dry. We cut them on long thin plates. Naturally, vegetable cutter. If you have vegetable marrows not a very young, perhaps, core and a skin it is better not to use. We salt vegetable marrows and we put aside on a half-hour away. We allow them to make friends quietly with salt and to shed a tear.

Small we cut fennel (this time, really, small). Garlic is passed through a press or we rub on a small grater. And in a separate pialka we connect garlic, oil, pepper, vinegar and honey. Everything is well mixed.

From vegetable marrows we merge all juice which appeared in the course of upholding aside, we fill up with fennel and we fill in with marinade. We mix everything and we clean in the refrigerator at least for 2 hours. If during this time sometimes we stir slowly - we are, in general, good fellows!

The dish demands works - well less already just does not happen, and result - really very worthy. I want to notice, as on ceremonial so to speak, a table the dish will not get lost too. Very much even is in demand. Pleasantly to you appetite! the Korean vegetable marrows salad

On 1 kg of young vegetable marrows we will take

1 carrot, on a half of red and yellow pepper (quantities are very relative), 2 - 3 green bulbs, 2 - 3 garlic gloves, 1,5 teaspoons of salt, 1 (not to the brim) a tablespoon of acetic 70% of acid, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 0,5 - 1 teaspoon of a ground coriander, a half of a teaspoon of hot red pepper (it is possible to reduce to taste) and vegetable oil for seasoning of salad.

If vegetable marrows well very very young, then a skin it is possible and not to remove from them absolutely. The main thing that the age of vegetable marrows did not step for that side after which in a vegetable marrow sunflower seeds appear... they are definitely not necessary to us here. We need more young vegetable marrow which we clean, cut lengthways in half and then each half - on the segments of approximately semi-centimetric thickness cut a little obliquely.

Carrots we rub on a special grater or just we cut thin, long straws. We try to cut pepper slightly obliquely more thinly too.

All prepared vegetables we season with salt, properly we mix and we put aside away for about 10 - 15 minutes. It is main and, seemingly, as the only secret of this Korean salad.

While the vegetable marrow prosalivatsya, we prepare all the rest. Small we cut garlic and we cut onions feathers 3 - 5 cm long and (you will not believe!) besides slightly obliquely (such a little crooked cutting at me and very much at many others is also associated with Asian cuisine).

In 10 - 15 minutes which we generously allocated and patiently waited, our vegetables were salted, became softer and allocated fair amount of juice which in a ready dish is not required to us at all. Therefore we his all merge and even we wring out a few vegetables. (It is convenient to do it, shifting salad in other bowl.)

We add acetic acid, sugar to our salad. We mix everything. We add garlic and onions, a ground coriander and red pepper. We fill with vegetable oil (it turns out almost indistinctly, but all - is more tasty if vegetable oil previously to calcinate or fry in it onions). Again we mix everything (that for salad very much is even logical).

It is possible to give at once, but if a couple of hours to allow to be drawn in the refrigerator, it will only be better. Bon appetit!

of Fritter from vegetable marrows

Exists a huge number of vegetables from which it is possible will make fritters. It both pumpkin, and bush pumpkins, and carrots, and potatoes, and zucchini, and cabbage, and... But somehow marrow especially got accustomed. Here they - the most unpretentious, gentle and tasty. So safely we prepare both for breakfast, and on the second and as a garnish, and simply to indulge the house.

Options to cook marrow fritters we exist some absolutely incredible quantity and if you did not decide on the choice yet, you can test on a competitive basis and my option. Though, frankly speaking, vegetable marrows cannot absolutely be spoiled. So all sure bets.

It is necessary : 3 - 4 small young vegetable marrows (if not young people, then it is necessary to clean and get sunflower seeds), 2 eggs, 2 - 3 tablespoons of flour, salt, pepper, greens and couple of garlic gloves. Vegetable oil for frying.

In a pan we break eggs, we add to them pepper and properly we stir up that yolks mixed up with proteins. We add small chopped greens and garlic to eggs. Once again we mix and we rub in a bowl on a large grater a vegetable marrow. There we add flour and properly we mix.

To salt ours " dough; it is necessary right at the end, before the hottest as much as possible to be protected from release of excessive liquid from vegetable marrows. Here they begin to cry with salt, and to do nothing with it! Just to delay this moment to the last that we also will make! So, we salt only before the hottest.

We fry fritters on well warmed vegetable oil, spreading them on a frying pan directly a spoon, from two parties to a ruddy, suntanned state and if necessary we roast to a turn under a cover. We get rid of excess oil by means of a paper towel.

Also we give that is called with a heat about a heat, with a smetanka, at least. Personally I did not meet people who would not love some fritter... And if we and the truth are not able to afford to eat fritters from the test every day (well only for reasons of impossibility and unwillingness to change clothes, buying the increasing and big sizes), then on vegetable fritters it is quite possible to have a really good time! So appetite pleasant to all of us!