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Which of us does not admire the star sky? And you want to fly behind a moonstone?

Which of us does not admire the star sky? Who was not attracted by the Moon? Who did not ask questions and whether there is life on Mars? And how many songs are created about the Moon. I have even darling Present me a moonstone . Author of words poetess Inna Kashezheva. When she wrote such fine in a form and verses, deep on sense, she was only 22 years old. Music of the composer Arkady Ilyich Ostrovsky. The song began to sound in 1966. It was sung by both Eduard Khil, and unforgettable Maya Kristalinskaya.

Find to me a moonstone,

Hundred barriers having overcome,

Behind mountains, after centuries,

In ancient treasures of queens.

Find to me a moonstone,

the Mascot of my love,

Over Earth, behind clouds,

On the Moon, in any distance.

That it brings misfortune -

Lie! Happy stone it.

Undressed the Moon on part

Between all who are in love.

Break off a piece extreme

of the Most sad of planets

Present me a moonstone,

Present me a moonlight.

Ya listened to this song, saw mysterious blue color of the moon. In my soul hopes for sanctity of love, for fidelity of ideals, for the kind future were born and grew in 160 B.C. the Greek sophist and the satirist Lukian Samosatsky wrote to

the History in which sent to the Moon of the hero Ikaromenipp.

Frenchman Sirano de Bergerac wrote the novel Other light, or States and empires of the Moon .

As colourfully described the Moon landscape German Johann Kepler in the Dream .

But the most violent imagination at the scientist Tsiolkovsky. 1893 he wrote to

B the well-known story On the Moon .

One mountain and the mountain, terrible, high mountains which tops, however, do not shine from snow. Anywhere any snowflake! Valleys, plains, plateaus... How many there it is piled stones... Black and white, big and small, but all sharp, brilliant, not rounded off, not softened with a wave which never here was which did not play them with cheerful noise, did not work on them! .

And yet the main disturber of the Moon Sergey Korolev was not born in Zhytomyr. Only in 1959, when it The Moon - 2 Aristill, Archimedes and Avtolik brought to the bottom of craters pentagons of our pennants, people already knew that the Moon another, but it is achievable that for them the huge space road is surmountable.

But the leg of the person for the first time entered on the Moon on July 20, 1969. This is the astronaut of the USA Neill Armstrong. Later he will tell that it had no special feelings. All attention was directed to lunar landing. It touched by the left leg the Moon surface. The first step was printed in black dust. The moon will keep this trace during one million years now.

All waited that the first person on the Moon will tell. Everything was thought in advance over, many attached huge significance to this event. And he told: One small step for the person - huge jump for mankind ...

But only leaked out recently into the press as approves The Onion Magazine, a fragment of record of negotiations of the astronaut Neill Armstrong who just landed on the Moon with personnel of NASA from Control center of Flights in Houston (USA): Holy Shit! Man Walks On Fucking Moon!

Having strengthened a flag of the country on the Moon, astronauts put both a flag of the UN, and small tags of 136 states of the world nearby, emphasizing thus international, to be exact - the world spirit of the mission. On the memorable pennant left on the Moon words were traced:

Here for the first time the leg of the person from the planet Earth in July, 1969 from R. of X stepped.

We came with the world from all mankind .

put a gold olive branch Nearby - a world symbol, and slightly at some distance - medals with names of those who gave the life to business of conquest of space: Virgile Grissom, Edward Whyte, Roger Chaffi, Vladimir Komarov, Yury Gagarin.

Admiration and gratitude were expressed by all people of the world. In the USA this historical day of lunar landing was declared by the day off. Did not conduct a live broadcast only the USSR and China. As always, ban and pressure upon mass media.

Astronauts completely performed the task. 22 kilograms of examples of lunar breeds were collected. The established seismograph recorded even their steps on the Moon and start Eagle from the Sea of Tranquility. Scientists in McDonald`s observatory in Texas managed to receive the reflected beam of the laser and to establish that from the Moon to Earth 373787265 4 meters.

So what this mysterious moonstone?

Find to me a moonstone,

Hundred barriers having overcome,

- I continue to sing. It appears, these stones are divided generally into 3 look.

Basalts - the dark stones of a lava of the lunar seas similar to lavas of bark of terrestrial oceans. Anortozita`s

- the easy stones similar on terrestrial which form the ancient mountain district (continents). But they differ from terrestrial markedly - structure and, the main thing - age. They were formed 3,7 - 4 billion years ago, and the oldest terrestrial - only 2. 6th billion. Similar breeds were not met earlier neither on Earth, nor in meteorites: perhaps, they in Solar system are absolutely unique. Brekchiya`s

- the difficult stones created from all other types of lunar soil by agglomeration of their remains as a result of collisions of the moon with meteorites.

But there were sceptics who just could not believe in obvious. And Neill Amstrong surprised much and startled all the phrase which he said, having come back to the landing module.

Good luck to you, Mr. Gorski . Only 26 years later it slightly opened the secret. (After Mr. Gorski died.)

When Neill was small, they with the brother hazardously played baseball. The shell unintentionally departed under the next windows. The boy ran behind him and heard squabble of neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Gorski.

You want oral sex? Oral? Well, you will receive it. You will receive it. But not earlier, than the neighbour`s boy will walk on the Moon! Now, when neighbour`s boy visited the Moon, Mr. acquired full authority for long-awaited sex. Who knows, can do it just journalistic baize, but it very often meets on pages of newspapers and magazines.

As reports Lenta. ru, now George Bush submitted the program of researches and development of the Moon and Mars - 14 billion dollars in the next five years. After this NASA immediately started its embodiment. At the end of 2004 Washington the meeting of representatives of space departments of 17 countries, including Russia, Japan and China took place. The project provides creation of the American manned base on the Moon, according to a space initiative of the U.S. President, is planned in 2015-2020.

In Russia Roskosmos also declared a possibility of creation on the Moon of the Russian automatic base in 2020-2025. On it the budget is increased by 33%.

Roskosmos provides the following items of the lunar program:

1) mining, including helium - 3, for satisfaction of energy needs of Earth;

2) transfer harmful productions from Earth on the Moon and creation of the productions demanding small gravitation;

3) creation on a surface of the Moon of a power system on the lunar " resources;.

Or perhaps the Moon will become the second Noah`s Ark for mankind?

In detail about disembarkation to the Moon