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What is focaccia?

One only the name - focaccia - already obliges, perhaps! The most known Italian bread - flat cake, perhaps, even the progenitress of pizza, is known since antique times... And there is so much in this bread of tradition, a piety and just history that and wants to be told: But whether not to threaten to us on William of our Shakespeare... Well if in antique times simple Italian citizens and seamen had enough

ability to bake this is delightful fragrant flat cake, and even without yeast which then it was not obvious but only from flour, olive oil (which, by the way, in those days, perhaps, was cheaper than that flour), waters and salts, we - armed not only various types of ferments and yeast, modern ovens, theoretical knowledge, practical skills and others (by the way, in our case, absolutely not necessary) gadgets, are simply doomed not only to try to bake, but also to receive, at least, tasty, fragrant, with a crisp and a gentle, soft crumb fine result in the form of flat cake focaccia . It is necessary to dare! For the sake of such result guilty not to risk... We are waited by a gastronomic hit, one may say, all times and people ! Let`s get down to work! we Take

: on flour half a kilogram - 300 ml of warm water, 4 - 5 tablespoons of olive oil, a salt teaspoon, a tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of dry yeast. The stuffing in our case will require olives, cherry tomatoes, coarse sea salt, an oregano and olive oil with water.

So, in warm water we part yeast, sugar and couple of spoons of flour. Well we mix and for about 10 - 15 minutes we clean away. If I am not mistaken, then the result for which we wait is called fermentation... and on - simple, it is necessary to us that our liquid began to bubble and became covered by a foamy hat which will unambiguously tell us that at least we have good yeast and they already woke up... We wait!

For now in a zamesochny bowl we sift the flour mixed with salt. We pour out the suitable support in flour and we knead dough. It is more convenient to knead, adding olive oil on hands.... especially, its quite fair quantity should be added on a compounding. So two in one... more conveniently, and more tasty.

And one more pleasant moment: strongly long to knead dough of need is not present (so, by the way, at any test where there is a lot of water), we will knead it to smoothness (minutes 5 - 7) and literally by inhuman effort of will we will stop ourselves.

To this test is more main to have a complete rest, than to be vented. So we oil a bowl generously olive, we tighten food wrap and we clean to the warm place without drafts that dough approached and it was mutilated time in 2 - 3, at least. Usually this burdensome expectation lasts for about 40 minutes or for hour

Well and not to miss all this time... It is possible also for a stuffing to prepare. Naturally, carefully we wash Pomidorki, we get stones from olives, we mix salt from an oregano and properly we mix olive oil with water to a condition of an emulsion... But now - that precisely - to sunbathe... (well if in plans mopping, for example is not necessary), so far dough did not approach.

When dough approached, it is a high time to include to be warmed by 230 - 250 degrees an oven together with a baking sheet on which we plan to bake ours of hlebushka. Dough directly hands, more precisely fingers, so that from them (fingers) remained traces - dents in which oil and salt will flow and collect subsequently, distribute on the baking paper powdered with flour in a rectangle, an oval, a circle or even a square. Here the form is allowed any, favourite and gently preferred personally by you at this time days here. And already we leave this flat cake for about 20 - 30 minutes once again rasstoyatsya and to rise.

And here when it is finally possible to note that our focaccia approached and it is ready to pastries, it was necessary to put the finishing touches, to give, so to speak, dramas...

So, flat cake it is generous and hardworking we grease with an emulsion from olive oil and water.

We stuff our flat cake with olives and tomatoes. We Stuff - the word, of course, which is not suitable at all in this case... Simply we press both olives, and cherry in any order into a flat cake surface. Here and all farshirovka. From above we powder with coarse sea salt and an oregano. Already beauty impossible. And still the smell did not begin... Even it dread to think that further!

And further - that everything is just lightning. Directly on paper we draw flat cake on a hot baking sheet and we bake in an oven of minutes 15 - 20. To unusually appetizing zolotisto - suntanned color.

Here the moment of readiness of focaccia to pass very difficult... From an oven such aromas begin to be distributed that even if you also did not know what is concerned hlebushka, you surely would guess also! To tell the truth, I do not even see need to serve this flat cake to any food. Even its one is enough, with wine and salad, dipping a piece in sauce from salad or just in olive oil... absolutely fantastic pleasure. Magnificent, porous, fragrant and unusually tasty hlebushka, gentle inside and crackling outside - here a result of our work and expectations.

And who could think that to do all this miracle, how simply! Here it is live confirmation that all ingenious is simple! And it is very tasty. So successful to you pastries and bon appetit!