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What is necessary to start business on production of photosouvenirs?

That can be more terrible for the creative person, than stability. In the morning - for work, in the evening - about works, the TV, a dream and all on - new. What here creativity, is already developed instinct! Some change is necessary to awaken in itself the creative person.

This change for me. Left in anywhere, it is so accepted to speak in the people. I say that I left towards to the future. It is unlikely bright future itself to you will come, can though all life it to wait. I so long did not want to wait therefore I moved off in its searches. Speak, the grass is always greener on the other side, here I also decided to go there where was not yet and to be engaged in in what always dreamed to be engaged, but there was no time for it.

The main problem was the fact that I did not know yet, than dream to be engaged. I had no favourite business, there was only a work taking all my free time. The way will be difficult, but I am sure that it will be interesting.

After going away from work it was necessary to live on something, and we with the friend organized the company according to the school photo. Just became school photographers. How to become the school photographer even if never held the camera in hand? It is a subject of the separate training course. Perhaps, in the future we will write the book about it or we will remove a videocourse for beginners. And now I will tell only about its small part.

What brought in us nearly a half of the income from the school photo? These are photosouvenirs. We began to offer school students ceramic circles with their photos. These goods went with a bang.

The difficult equipment is necessary or it is even necessary to construct plant on production of photomugs - you will tell. But I will please you with news that you are not right. To begin to do circles with photos very much even simply. We need only the inexpensive equipment available to everyone.

Enter this list:

1. Computer or laptop.

2. Inkjet printer of Epson firm.

3. Thermopress.

4. Specialized (sublimation) ink.

5. Sublimation paper.

6. Thermoadhesive tape.

7. Ceramic circles with a special covering.

All this set, apart from the computer and mugs, we bought for 20 000 rubles, my last salary. Everyone therefore I did not turn on it in calculation has a computer today. And circles cost not so much, about 40 rubles apiece.

And how many there are circles with the photo? About 400 rubles. How many we earn from one mug? On average production of one mug costs us 50 rubles (the cost of the mug, ink, papers, a thermoadhesive tape enters here). Means, subtracting from 400 rubles 50, we receive 350 rubles, so much from one mug goes to us to a pocket.

What is the time occupies production of one photomug? Even if without hurrying to do everything, especially right at the beginning, when there is no skill and skill, then the mug can be made approximately in 10 minutes.

It turns out what we earn 350 rubles in 10 minutes? In the theory yes, but in practice our income depends on the number of clients who will want to order to themselves a photomug.

It is possible to place the small production in large shopping center where a big flow of our potential clients, and it is possible to look for clients independently as it was made by us. We became school photographers, and all school students of whom in any area of our country not so it is not enough became our clients.

Production of photosouvenirs also became for me the first creative occupation. Perhaps this idea for business will help also you to change the life?