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What it is the best of all to eat and drink morning after?

the Hangover - the real apocalypse... And all know that evening well will surely turn back morning accident... Well what to do that is - that and we have... The head cracks, the earth under legs storms, in a mouth the Sahara - and for work it is necessary. What will help to endure inevitable and extremely unpleasant consequences of an unlimited evening libation? Water

Morning dry in a mouth is not casual

. Alcohol - a strong diuretic that can cause dehydration. The body persistently advises to fill up moisture reserves, and it to make a natural way - to drink usual clear water. It is even more correct to drink waters before going to bed. If, of course, the state allows...

Ginger and mint

Feels sick? Poor creature... Ginger will help to reduce nausea, and mint tea will a little calm the revolting stomach.

juice criticize Recently Fruit juice, and at all not without the bases. Producers aim to improve their taste sugar. However in a situation, when not to " fat; fructose will give to an organism of missing energy. It is better to refuse a sour citrus, a lemon and grapefruit nevertheless not to chafe once again a stomach, already angered .

the Brine

concerning effectiveness of the folk remedy checked by ancestors throughout centuries cannot add anything new. Sour salty liquid fills up the level of electrolytes and sodium. But it is necessary to consider that a natural brine from a barrel with a house pickles and liquid from banks with store pickles is two big differences . In marinades usually there is too much vinegar.


Potassium - one of irretrievable losses in fight of an organism against alcoholic aggression. The mass of potassium contains in bananas, a kiwi and spinach. They can be eaten in any kind. A good way - to process all in liquid fruit cocktail.

of Egg

Krom of a basis of all live - a squirrel, egg are full of amino acids, cysteine and taurine. Cysteine decomposes ethyl aldehyde, the poison which is formed in the course of splitting by an ethanol liver. Taurine speeds up work of a liver.

Soup miso

So developed that miso in our corner of the world it is less known, than, for example, to kharcho. But admirers of Japanese cuisine with miso are well familiar. This unique soup just works in the heavy hungover morning wonders. Bulyonchik fills reserves of moisture and sodium, the fermented cereals promote elimination of accident in a stomach.

Crackers and toasts

When pipes burn on dry cookies not too - that also pulls. But crackers and toasts from rough unscreened flour contain the light carbohydrates increasing sugar level in blood without troubling a stomach. As a result nausea decreases.


the Bowl of hot porridge contains the mass of nutrients among which there are vitamins of group B, calcium, magnesium and iron. Suffering morning after it is capable to return to life. At least, neutralizes acidity and increases sugar level that invigorates and gives forces.


contains In tomatoes lycopene, the antioxidant constraining inflammatory processes and even as consider protecting heart from aging. However, an old age, it when still will come... But fructose and " vitamin C; in the difficult morning will add a working capacity liver.

Klin wedge?


A already delusion. Popular medicine - a glass of vodka through I do not want and I cannot actually does not treat, and only removes inevitable payment for later prolonging doubtful pleasure. Opokhmelka smoothes sharpness of feelings, but, be sure, they will return and will have an effect with a new force just on the same day.

Be not ill in the mornings. And it is better - learn to constrain yourself in any situation. Good luck!