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Peter de Hokh. Payment for a billeting . What does the hostess wait for?

On this picture of the Dutch artist Peter de Hokh - a common story from life of holders of inns (and not only in the 17th century, at all times)...

Solar morning. An inn somewhere near the city (at the left against the sky it is visible not a town hall tower, not a belltower). A stable with the floor paved by big plates. At the left on a background the croup of a horse, a sheaf of some grain - not wheat, not barley, maybe, and oats is visible. And the worker in a hat takes a sheaf in hand to set a forage (most likely, it is the servant of the lodger). The horse has to be full before a long journey.

From a stable - an exit in a hall which at the same time serves also as salon. More to the right, in a hall - salon, the lodgers playing cards are visible. Game in the heat. Really played all night long and till the morning could not stop?

Slightly closer to the viewer - family: the man with a tube at a fireplace or a plate (heat source - behind a picture frame, it is visible only branches for fire), the woman with the child on hands. They observe offstage payments.

Young, nice-looking and a constitution, accurately dressed woman costs near the dandified man. In a hand at it a coin which it shows to the lodger. Its gesture and the person obviously say that the coin does not correspond to quantity and quality of the services rendered in hotel: a stall and a forage for a horse, livelihood for mister and his servant, a bed and linen for this purpose so respectable nobleman. And to wash, stroke, clean, hem, to darn clothes! It is very probable that there were also other some trifles, worthy rather big payment.

Ah, what man! The real commander (though on a suit - the civilian)! In any case, rather well-to-do nobleman. What hat! What caftan! What hair! What short moustaches! Handsome man! Dandy! And not hamlo some, it has a kind face. And here - leaves. But as pays! Cheapskate! On a suit whittled away a fortune: wide leather sling, gold sewing, bows, gilded buttons, dandified corbel! * And new fashionable boots with tops! And what, cannot add still a coin? And it is better - two. And not silver, but gold.

It is so lovely is already innocent (at first sight). Her face - it as though descended from an icon of the Saint maiden Maria (the truth, eyes slightly cunning). And such fragile, apparently, that speaks: Do not offend small!

It is absolutely impenetrable. It is relentless. She asks - - give to asking! And it will suddenly be moved to pity and will show a bit of generosity: the hand in the right pocket looks for something. Will find or not? And that it will take out from a pocket: something powerful or trifle?

The family waits. And hostess too...

* The suit costs the separate description. Caftan: fitted, length - knee-deep, is buttoned from top to bottom (the part of them can be decorative). Big cuffs, shity gold, red lining. Along sleeves - a gold line from an armhole to a cuff. Below, almost at edge floors - pro-carved pockets with buttons. Under a caftan - a white shirt with the tied-up cuffs and something like a skirt with finishing on a bottom the black strips and pendants located approximately through 10 cm on all circle of a skirt. The caftan belt - shity gold fabric with gold brushes on the ends, is tied by knot on a stomach. On a neck the bow from a white cloth - something between a scarf and a tie is tied.