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Day of dead persons (2008). A remake with which hurried? I Will dare to assume

that several noticeable tapes of the beginning of zero years, including " became the catalyst of a new wave of movies about the zombie; 28 days later Danny Boyle, remake romerovsky Dawn of dead persons Zack Snyder and hilarious English parody The Zombie by the name of Sean .

The genre which was in the increased demand in 70 - 80 - x years of the last century and almost forgotten in 90 - e (apart from couple of remakes and sequels), unexpectedly for all cheered up and found a second wind.
and the classic Romero remembered

After Snider that it is time to remind of himself, and let out in 2005 - m a quite good zombyatnik Earth of the dead . Less talented, but the cinema-men too dreaming of glory rushed to continue the forgotten franchizes, it seems " long ago; Returns of living dead persons . Well and, certainly, did not do without the next round of remakes. Treats the last created based on Day of dead persons Romero movie of the director Steve Mayner of the same name of 2008 of release. Only unlike widely advertized and commercially successful Dawn financial results of the opus of Mayner look much more modestly. However, as well as workmanship.

In one quiet small American town there is what usually happens only in quiet small American towns - the local zombie - an apocalypse. And everything began with the careless scientist testing a new biological virus in a suburban secret laboratory. The infection broke loose together with the experimental patient and quickly extended vozdushno - a drop way among locals.

First it seemed to all that the city was captured by epidemic of a SARS, colds, at the worst, of atypical flu. People cough, soplivit, feel low in extremities and start up a nose a yushka. However soon it becomes clear that the sudden death is result of an illness. And that it is much worse - fast reincarnation in the terrible monsters devouring all live on the way.

The corporal Sara Baumen who appeared in put Ickx in a quarantine cordon of the hometown, asks for leave at the commander home to bring grippuyushchy mother to hospital. Also gets to the thick of events when the hospitals which gathered in a waiting room patients suddenly turn into monsters. Having found in crowd of the younger brother, the girl tries to get out of the building, but on streets a bigger madness is created. Crowds of wild and prompt murderers literally eat away the city from within, and now at live there is only one mission - to remain live

Steve Mayner is not Zack Snyder. In spite of the fact that the director works in Hollywood, behind his shoulders of few standing projects, but a number of sequels and remakes for a long time and fruitfully. The director does not shun to continue and remake for the colleagues as if trying to implement certain to one to him the famous plan. It began the career in cinema with two sequels Fridays, 13 - e in the mid-nineties made a copy of the French comedy " on the American harmony; My father - the hero with Depardieu, and in 1998 - the m made a contribution to a horror - the franchize Halloween . So it is no wonder that its candidate seemed to producers new Day of dead persons the most suitable.

If to consider Night Dawn and Day Romero, as a peculiar trilogy, the last film - the weakest link in this chain. Whether the classic of a genre was already bored by subject, whether its attempt to bring the semantic base under an apocalypse it was not successful, but the audience original Day of dead persons 1985 was not appreciated though a tape, in general, quite good. At least, it is unambiguous better than the subsequent continuations from the same Romero who finally lost a grasp and the Survival of dead persons only was embarrassed.

When not the best sample of a genre undertakes base, and then notorious author`s vision still joins, what left at Mayner - chaotic messing around of stamps and cloning of others finds turns out. It is impossible to tell that its work is deprived of the drive or progressiveness. On the contrary, it is very logical and consecutive in the idiocy, in places is dynamic and precisely frightens, but at the same time is silly, primitive and is total is deprived of the atmosphere of the original. As if Mayner purposely tried to abstract from the primary source though he at the same time did not forget to be covered with a reputation of Romero and to ensure additional (and free) advertizing.

Mayner also did not forget about practices of predecessors, without having been ashamed to take as a basis the principle fast zombies . But if at Snider and Boyle dead persons just smartly run, then here they, literally, teleport in space, unanimously showing Usain`s inclinations Lightnings Bolt. Besides, they still possess the memory remains (mother going on a voice of the son) and reflexes (group of companions with M - 16), and even creep on a ceiling. And with the naked eye it is visible that the effect of precipitancy is reached by simple acceleration of shooting as if before us not a horror with the solid budget in 18 million dollars, and the old film with a frequency of 16 - 18 frames per second thrust into a modern film projector.

Mistakes in a picture there are a lot of and to list them special desire is not present, the benefit that characters permanently break laws of physics, logic and psychology of the relations in the closed groups. Too you will not call the original a wreath of cinema thought, but so scandalous tears in judiciousness at Romero were not observed.

Hammering the last nails into a coffin cover, we will note extremely inexpressive actor`s ensemble. To Vingu Reyms who removed in Day from Dawn it has to be very a shame that it, let and for a while, decorated with the charisma this trifling trash. Once perspective starlet Mena Suvari who struck us in the heart with the innocence and sexuality in To Beauty on - it is American catastrophically quickly lost all advance payments issued by it and fell before participation in similar unpretentious projects. The young actor Nick Kennon who a year before won a special prize in Cannes too incredibly relaxed and since then nothing sensible can squeeze out from itself. More - less decent career from all structure Day of dead persons Michael Welsh managed to make only and that thanks to hit in a holder twilight franchize .

Conclusions are unfavourable: the strong middling Mayner did not manage to use the available experience, the given opportunities. All this bustle - firing in the twilight does not do credit to the author Magician and fantastic drama Forever young with Gibson. It is no wonder that producers were ashamed to let out a tape in a wide release, having published Day of dead persons at once on DVD.