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Criminal fighter Two trunks (2013). Cheerful fuss on the Mexican border?

the Criminal genre for some reason are considered the easiest in respect of realization. And that the truth, distributed to actors trunks, and as in a joke, let turn as can. You troubles with a make-up of, neither problems with the absent sense of humour, nor capital investments in special effects. Unconcernedly, fell in different directions, plunder banks, evade pursuit. Stole, drank, in prison. Romanticism, generally. Many and do

. In this connection the genre literally sinks in the ocean of a cliche and stamps. Coppola and Scorsese thought up, Tarantino and Richie modernized, the others use in a tail and in a mane. Here and the Icelander of the Spanish origin with a melodious name Baltasar Cormacur decided to throw five kopeks. For the first time in career the director received in the project of two superstars of Hollywood, 60 million dollars and a full freedom of action within the screen version of the combative comic book at once.

Bobbie and Stig - two cool guys who conceived to rob bank. Trifling matter, risks minimum, and a jackpot solid - in one of cells the local drug baron by nickname Father Greco stores the working capital. Not that guys are not on friendly terms with the head, the robbery is simple is a screen. The matter is that Bobbie is an employee of drug enforcement, and his friend Stig is the sergeant of sea counterintelligence. However, workmates it is not aware of secret mission of each other as both work under cover long ago.

The robbery passed without a hitch, only with the sum children miscalculated. Wanted 3, and took 43 million. Apparently, guys got into someone`s very deep pocket because follows them severe " close; " jacket; disturbing type, got used to receive definite and laconic answers on all the questions. Having found out that they were set up, Bobbie and Stig learn also the truth the friend about the friend at the same time, however do not hurry to unite suprotiv the persecutors. But does not hunt for them only lazy because in these wild lands and for much smaller sums send to forefathers, and for more than forty million can wipe out

at the mention of the word " at all; comic book superheroes in the fitting suits, the infernal villains dreaming to conquer the whole world, vampires, werewolves and, at best, 300 men with cubes on a stomach habitually recur to the memory. However comics (or as today it is fashionable to call them, graphic novels) - the phenomenon comprehensive, covering many genres. Tape Two trunks in particular, is based on pulp fiction of Boom publishing house! Studios which author is a certain Stephen Grant.

Baltasar Cormacur reasonably judged that in a case with the screen version of the comic book the logic of the narration can be offered. Also relied on the drive, black humour and an artful design of subject lines and characters. Here really there is a lot of people in a shot, and all of them strive to trip up each other because absolutely indecent sum of money is at stake. Enemies are friends, comrades in arms - traitors, and even at the beloved are a dusty skeleton in the cupboard. The confusion is plentifully flavored with skirmishes, firefights and other troubles into which the main characters constantly get.

In fact, before us typical Buddy - muv, and his modern politically correct standard, when one of workmates black, and another - white. Originally for Bobbie and Stiga`s roles the studio planned to take already played couple Vince Vaughan - Owen Wilson, however, thank God, thought again and invited the actors having more impressive experience in a criminal genre. With Denzel Washington and so everything is clear, he knew inside out similar projects and Mark Wahlberg acted in thrillers more than once, fighters and detectives including at Cormacur in it To Smuggling . The last fact especially helped Wahlberg.

We will be frank, the tandem at stars turned out not so impressive, as at Glover and Gibson in Deadly " weapon; or Nolti and Murphy in 48 hours . But considering that actors on a shooting stage did not meet earlier, they sbatsat convincingly and easily. Both took seat on the favourite skates and easy galloped 140 minutes from initial to final credits.

Separately numerous villains pleased. First of all, Edward James Olmos whom I, repent even did not recognize in an image of the experienced drug baron Papy Greco. It to you not the scatty moron from the second Bad guys and the real Don Corleone of the Mexican drug mafia is essentially cruel, resourceful and cunning son of a bitch with the gangster principles. And how to you Bill Pekston? You remember eternally panicking soldier from Strangers and the coward pseudo-spy from Truthful lie ? And so, forget, Pekston these roles outgrew and turned in severe and a mysterious tipchik which everything about all knows and likes to play the " option; Russian roulette .

In spite of the fact that in an ending authors pumped up and relaxed a little, Cormacur`s tape in general leaves pleasant aftertaste. Such bright boyevichok in solar interiors on both sides of the Mexican border. The picture surely swept as in the homeland, and in foreign territories, having earned as a result of more than 130 million dollars. Critics did not stint positive responses too, having refused to take the movie seriously.

It also is correct, there is no need to rummage in the primary source and to find tears in a plot (which, by the way, there is a lot of). Grant`s comic book also did not assume the fundamental drama, and represents a standard oldskulny action. Unless the history which is a little confused, and hinting on popular in the narrow-minded " environment; truth - mafia and cops are tied, military leaders are ready to offer the certain soldier if only not to dirty a reputation of army, and all-powerful CIA milks all.