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Peter de Hokh. Noblemen have a good time. Where and how?

Peter de Hokh (the Dutch artist of the 17th century) has pictures - almost documentary evidences of not innocent pastime of his wealthy contemporaries - noblemen. Some of them as if make series of events.

The Musicale in the yard . Spacious yard of the big house. Behind an entrance arch in which the man`s figure with a hat an armpit is visible, - the canal, houses on other its party, the setting sun.

In the yard - the twilight. At a table - he and she, at it is in a hand a glass, it took something from the dish facing it. At the left - the woman plays a viola, accompanies appointment. Both are cheerful, smile. Evening was successful. Also promises to be even more pleasant...

Card players . As art critics, this scene - entertainments in in the house of pleasure write. The richness of the house is obvious: magnificent floors, fireplace with columns, the pictures trimmed under wall gold. And women - they are very young and beautiful.

Apparently, it is expensive prostitutes, and the person interested to receive the dose of pleasure cannot make it resembling (paid - received - leave). In this house there is a rule: at first wine and cards, and already then - all the rest.

Couple sits near a fireplace: in the house not too warmly. It shows the cards to the gentleman standing sideways with a glass is praised by a prize - it had aces. At a half-open window (these were already warmed) the knight smoothly passes from talk to an impact: the right hand on a waist, the second took a hand of the lady.

Near a door there is a boy with a jug of wine and intention to fill the devastated glass.

Everything promises undoubted pleasure...

Pleasant company . In a window soft light flows, most likely, day tends to evening. Magnificently trimmed room, case from a palisander, the ornamented floor, a picture with an erotic scene.

At a table - the young woman, almost the child, stretches the filled glass to the beauty standing nearby. An empty glass at it in the right hand. Near it - the boy, a whisper with a wine jug.

Opposite to the girl the long-haired nobleman with a tube in a hand and a hat on a lap sits. In the doorway conducting in a suite of rooms it is visible other guest who, apparently, tries to get rid of the beggar standing at an entrance with the stretched hat.

Picture riddle: women drink (or are going to drink) and what men? For them even glasses did not bring.

The sitting man, probably, came recently. To it it is not absolutely clear yet as events will develop: a hat on a lap, it did not find the place where to put it. And somehow that which talks to the beggar strange looks. As though it went to eliminate some hindrances to appointment (the boy with a jug here - here will leave).

The girl in good mood, smiles an open smile. It has a desire to continue fun. And what standing nearby? It is obviously more senior. In the room there is no enough chairs, there are not enough at least two. Perhaps, they stand apart, went, so to speak, beyond a frame.

Definitely the picture with naked figures hanging over a case confuses. It is some hint on the atmosphere of the house. What? Who these women? What suddenly in broad daylight to drink wine? What men are? It seems that sitting - not, brand new. And that which left behaves almost thriftily.

Now they will drink, will have a snack and will leave from the big hall to cozier rooms...

Young couple in an interior . Bedroom. Through a suite rich finishing of a wall - an element which connects several pictures in a series is looked through.

Before an alcove in the depth of which pillows are visible, - the man and the woman. The woman corrects a hairdress, in her right hand - a scarf. The man sits (it is unknown on what, he as if hung in mid-air), before him - a doggie. The doggie came for caress.

The picture has the second name - After . It somehow does not match accurately made bed in an alcove and very accurately dressed characters. Most likely, this scene - to, but not later. The woman just began to be exposed, removed a scarf, and then in thought, in a doubt, in indecision delays an outcome, correcting a hairdress.

Meanwhile the man tries to cajole a doggie, to calm him. At a dog the tail between the legs is put, he is frightened, most likely, howls. And if he gives a vote - it can spoil everything!

Continuation here - here will follow...

The Woman with a jug of water and the man near a bed (Servant) . Very late morning. In the center of a picture against the sunlight reflected by a golden covering of walls (again gold coloring of walls!) - the servant with a water jug on a tray. It moves to the right, to a figure which, sitting on a chair, pulls a stocking (or a gaiter). The towel on her hand says that someone should wash. Most likely - the man who needs to erase traces of night from a face (the woman still will have time).

On the carpeted table - the lot of clothes (alternately female and man`s), from above lies a hat. Couple hurried, but not really - the gentleman threw was it on a floor, but then decided to lift and set up upward.

The picture looks unbalanced as though on the right something is missing. At the sawn-off shotgun on white pillows the elbow is visible. And it - really a sawn-off shotgun. As art critics write, in former catalogs there was a mention of the woman lying on a bed. It was cut off (therefore it - in past tense).

The man is designated slightly better, but all the same - is somehow not really accurate. He looks towards a bed, at the woman. Whether it is happy? Unambiguously it is impossible to define, but it seems that not really. Whether it exhausted it (he slightly stooped), whether now she speaks about money.

The name of a picture is literally translated so: The Woman with a jug of water and the man near a bed (Servant) . And it is possible - more precisely and well: After .

Cheerful houses: music, wine, cards, pleasant and available women...