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We are independent people or How to bring up the assistant?

Giving birth and bringing up the child, parents give him the lion`s share of the forces, energy, time, work It is quite natural that in process of a growing of the beloved child they dream to see in it the assistant and a support. But very often cherished offsprings turn into the eternal consumers who do not have duties and not bearing any responsibility. How not to allow this annoying phenomenon and to cultivate desire to help at the child?

Ya I know many examples of families where the matured children perfectly feel, living at the expense of parents, and do not seek to look for work at all. And about banal cases I am not going to wash Any the dishes! and there is nothing to speak. They are united that all of them it is from the childhood. Fantastic, solar, carefree where each sneeze, each sigh, each step was carefully protected by hyper careful parents. Guardianship, certainly, is necessary to the child, but exactly so not to kill in him eagerness to independence. And each kid has it by all means.

Long live independence!

all also begins

with it. Satisfaction, self-confidence and desire to do is more and more new. It is necessary to develop independence as soon as possible as soon as the child already understands our speech and can satisfy simple requests. It occurs approximately in a year. At this age children are incredibly active and all grab on the fly. Adult affairs are very interesting to them. Also it is very useful to involve them in these affairs.

Here, for example, you were going to vacuum. Ask the child to help you: let on one puts the toys scattered on a carpet in a box or just lifts them from a floor on a sofa, a table, a chair etc. You wash the floor? The kid will be glad to bring you a mop and to poyelozit on a floor a rag. And then surely draw a conclusion: Here what we are good fellows, now at home so purely! As you helped mother! Good girl! Thanks!

Gratitude and patience

the Praise expressing your gratitude - strong incentive in education of the little assistant. He will see that its work is appreciated, will be delighted, will grow proud of himself and will help again and again. And here it is better not to go to far in various prizes and awards for the help. It is important to cultivate in the child sincere desire to help, but not readiness to mechanically make something for remuneration.

Patience - one more your ally in successful schooling of the child to work. In study, as usual, everything is not always smooth. Help with a generous impulse the kid can also the socks in garbage to throw out, and to thrust your shoes into the washing machine and to overturn a bucket of dirty water on just washed up floor Remember that abusing it for it, you beat off desire to participate in household chores. It is better to explain intelligibly as why he made not so. It is necessary to explain not once. But the result will be - is checked in practice. Surely liquidate consequences of the unsuccessful help together with the child: Well, let`s wipe a floor. Carry, please, shoes into place . So he will gradually learn to bear responsibility for the acts.

Work in pleasure

Is very important to bring up the child so that work was not perceived as something awful. On the contrary - it has to bring pleasure. For this purpose observe what the kid does most willingly. As often as possible give it small instructions which cause pleasure. Happens that the child does not react to your requests. You should not press and demand on it immediate performance - another time. We only in the course of training!

That the child willingly started working, focus attention on results of its work. Collect a huge tower from cubes and photograph this masterpiece. Manually wash a dirty plush dog and comb her a hair: Oh, what it now at you white, well-groomed, beautiful!

And also all the time show that the child - though small, but the family member that his opinion is considered that its help is necessary. Going to a supermarket, consult: And what we will prepare for dinner today? What we need to buy? One-year-old to the baby call names of products, entering them in the list, and children are more senior even will help you to make it! It is feasible


Thus, education of the assistant - a task not such difficult. And its performance requires only desire to allow the child to be independent, belief in his own forces and his perception as the full member of a family, but not the little whimsical prince.

Strive on economy together, set own example.

you Praise for achievements and you carry out a correction of mistakes of the kid.

do not deride, do not abuse, do not criticize!

As often as possible charge to the child what it is interesting to it to execute.

Show the respect for the little assistant, and also value and need of his help. if you do not decide to involve

A in work of the little man, generous prolonging his childhood, know that it is just necessary for its personal development. So begin right now - it will be pleasant to both you, and him!