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Whether you love potato as it is loved by me? Two simple, but very tasty recipes of

are difficult to argue with the statement that potato is tasty, self-sufficient also in itself. Two hands for! But sometimes so there is a wish to show off... well just to Saviour is not present! Especially as in this way it is much easier to bake potato, than competently and tasty it is simple to roast potatoes.

I fried, and boiled potatoes somehow very unambiguously are associated with house, country and even barchelor feast. And here guests can give something more elegant, perhaps... So let we will have also such experience, and it is a lot more what... Superfluous our ability will definitely not be. Let`s try, to enjoy and choose! the Potato baked under a cheese crust we Take


: potatoes (it is desirable identical and the average size), salt (large sea is preferable), an oregano, couple of spoons of breadcrumbs, grams of the 50th butter, vegetable oil, gram 70 - 100 firm cheeses, black ground pepper and a little fresh greens.

Properly we wash potatoes and we dry. We do on potatoes cuts approximately at distance of 3 - 4 mm from each other and, naturally, without cutting potatoes to the bottom. It is very convenient to do it, having put potatoes in a tablespoon. As a result at us the kartoshechka cut turns out as it is accepted to call it, a fan... And that... very much it is even similar!

We oil a form in which we will bake (or a baking sheet) vegetable and we spread all potatoes prepared by us. We powder our kartoshechka with mix from salt, an oregano (or any other darling personally you grasses) and black pepper.

We put from above and in cuts flakes of butter and we clean in the oven which is in advance warmed by 200 degrees for about 30 minutes. Kartoshechka has to prepare at least to semi-readiness.

While potatoes are baked, we mix breading croutons with cheese, grated on a small grater, and small cut greens. We powder already almost ready potatoes with our mix from cheese and crackers and we clean in an oven for about 15 minutes.

Cheese has to melt.... to leak in each potato shchelochka... to impregnate with the aroma and taste... and eventually it is simple to zazolotitsya!

Of course, it should be eaten hawt.... while cheese lasts, the skin from croutons crackles, and a kartoshechka fragrant, soft and juicy.... Yes! Hawt - it is very tasty! Try! Appetite pleasant to you!

Potato on - whether Korean

Has this dish some relation to Korean cuisine, or not... the question remains open. But sharpness of a dish and a way of cutting obviously apply for authenticity. So to all fans ostrenky here!

We take potatoes, salt (on three liters of water 2 - 3 tablespoons), black pepper, pepper red, vinegar (on the same three liters of water about 200 grams of vinegar), vegetable oil and garlic.

First of all, of course, we put to boil water. It is preferable to take a pan big that there with ease the sieve in which we, actually, also plan to cook potatoes was located. Well and, according to our claim for Korean cuisine, we cut potatoes thin straws (or we rub on the corresponding special grater).

Small we cut garlic. In the boiling water we put salt and vinegar. Besides we allow to begin to boil, and we cook our potato in the small portions directly in a strainer that it was convenient to get and decant water at once. We cook very quickly... Literally 30 - 60 seconds (depends on a potato grade). Our task: starch has to boil down, but potato should not manage to cook and become soft. Potato becomes kipenno white, not crude, but slightly crackling from vinegar.

So we boil all potato, we allow to flow down well excess liquid and we add all our spices to potato (pepper, garlic (the quantity depends only on your idea of sharpness and taste) and vegetable oil, at desire it is possible to dosolit).

Everything is well mixed and we allow salad a couple of hours to be drawn. Everything has to cool down and get married!

Is just fantastic snack! Gently I love since the childhood. Appetite pleasant to you!