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How to get rid of snore?

Snore are one of the dissonance reasons in a family. For example, in Sweden in 4 cases from the 10th the divorce reason - snore of one of the spouse. However snore is also the reason of unpleasant talk concerning the irritating neighbourhood in rest houses, sanatoria, hospitals, hotels, trains and so on. Many of us face this problem and look for means of disposal of this misfortune. Distinguish slight snore, comparable with cat`s purring, just loud and extremely loud, intensive snore. He is explained, as a rule, by anatomic features of a throat of the person.

During a dream of a muscle of a soft palate, a uvula relax, there is a sticking of language. The inhaled air causes vibration of the weakened palatal curtain and a uvula - there is snore. Except such physiological features, a considerable role in its emergence is played the complicated nasal breath (various forms of chronic nasmorok, diseases of additional bosoms with polipozy a nose, adenoides of the II-III degree) and sometimes by throat diseases (chronic tonsillitis, cicatricial changes after rough removal of almonds). Developing of snore is promoted also by all that is connected with decrease in a tone of muscles of a soft palate. It violations nervously - muscular activity, for example, the alternating hypotonia, and... alcohol, smoking.

Disposal of snore task not simple. There are various methods of treatment: conservative, surgical and national. Conservative treatment is directed to improvement of passability of airways. Appoint breath stimulators, continuous giving is shown during an air dream in both half of a nose by means of the compressor, and not all transfer it. It is necessary to treat also all changes in a drink, a nasopharynx and cavity of a nose causing a thickening and relaxation of a soft palate and a uvula. Treatment by the laser, coagulation, cryodestruction under local anesthesia deserve attention. These are the sparing methods. Though surgical, but without scalpel. At cryodestruction, for example, several points of liquid nitrogen apply on a soft palate and a uvula. The effect of treatment is reached in 80 - 90% of cases.

The surgical intervention (sparing) two - three years allow it to feel like the full-fledged person and at home, and in business trip, and on vacation. Sometimes the doctor recommends a uvulopalatofaringoplastika - excision of a mucous membrane in the field of palatal handles and a back wall of a throat, removal of palatal almonds. This big surgical intervention time expands a gleam of airways and leads to reduction of snore. Some surgeons - stomatologists offer correction of the top and lower jaw, removal of adenoides.

Much are helped also by one of old methods of prevention of snore, so-called manual massage. It is better to do it in front of the mirror and surely on an empty stomach. Do not forget to wash up previously carefully hands warm water with soap. Widely open a mouth and a forefinger of the right hand come for a uvula and 2 - 3 minutes (how many you will be able) the pendular movement massage muscles of a soft palate, the Same, only more intensively, do also to a uvula. The course - 15 procedures (one day massage behind a uvula, another - to it) - strengthens muscles of a soft palate, and they not so flyuktuirut at breath in a dream. If to make such massage most it is difficult, ask to help any of relatives. Naturally, at observance of all hygienic requirements. Sometimes does not allow to make manual massage emetic reflex in this case ask for the help the doctor.

However whatever way of fight against snore was chosen, he demands always an integrated approach and the help of the otolaryngologist, the stomatologist, the neuropathologist, the radiologist. Only in that case it is possible to relieve the person of his shortcoming, to counterbalance mentality, to create a normal night dream, to restore intellectual and physical working capacity.