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Dawn of dead persons (2004). Run from the zombie - all-strengthening?

During an era of scenario laziness (rumors about crisis, but it hardly go) we got used that every third new movie is an or repeated screen version, either the sequel, or a remake. And still we got used that alterations in most cases turn out worse, than the original.

It is amusing or is not present, but the known and even cult tapes are quite often taken as a basis. No, to take the bad movie and it is better to make it. The boomerang effect is more often gained: good becomes satisfactory, and satisfactory - disgusting. But there are also revelations.

In 2004 the music video director unknown to the general public coveted sacred - a remake of a classical zombyatnik of George A. Romero Dawn of dead persons (1978). Until then works of the master of the zombie - a genre did not touch, and the only reincarnation concerned its debut and most known tape Night of living dead persons which with a permission of the author painted and retouched in 1990 - m the close friend Romero, the actor and the director Tom Savini. Who this impudent fellow dared to update classics of a genre later quarter of the century? This is Zack Snyder, the director who became subsequently to one of the brightest vizualist of Hollywood, the creator Keepers 300 Spartans and The Person from " steel;.

When the nurse En came back home in the evening after heavy day of work, she did not know yet that in the morning her habitual world together with the favourite guy, cozy TV shows for night-birds, sex in soul and the lovely neighbour`s girl on rollers will disappear to hell. Dawn brought with itself panic, fear, pain and despair. The devastated city was shrouded by bacchanalia of death. In a flash people turned into blood-thirsty, ruthless and spiteful devourers of flesh.

En, one may say, was lucky. She by miracle got out of the house, having avoided the last embraces with suddenly mad fight - the friend. Alas, far the girl did not manage to leave. In attempt to keep under itself wheels from encroachments of some rascal in a uniform, the poor thing embraced a cowl a tree and fainted. And regained consciousness already in the company of the black cop who in the same confusion tries to survive in general chaos.

Together with the police officer Kenneth, and also the seller of TVs Michael, Andre and his pregnant girlfriend Luda, En who met him on the way reaches a supermarket. The shop, apparently, managed to close the doors before there was a mass flash of the zombie - epidemic. Inside there were only security guards, unfriendly and armed, but nevertheless living people with whom it is possible to agree. What will be tomorrow when the supermarket appears in a ring from thousands of hungry dead persons? For survivors exists only today, thoughts about tomorrow became unattainable luxury

Yes, we will compare Snider`s remake to the original though there is no special need in it. The director - the debutant also did not try to surpass the teacher, but a set of sendings and film quotes showed a tribute to the master. Snider borrowed from the movie of 1978 not only a plot, but key actors, names of characters and even some shots interwoven by a skillful hand into the modern picture by means of computer technologies. By itself, stars of the seventieth are involved in bit parts here (the gallant fighter from the TV - famous Tom Savini in person, and the black televangelist - Ken Fori) that does a remake by even more sound and thought-over in the opinion of fans Romero.

The only thing that Snider dared to change radically is a speed. Romero`s tape lasts nearly 140 minutes while Snider kept within 101 minutes. But forced the zombie to move so promptly that the person on the street practically has no chances to survive. Romero operated a habitual image of the walking dead person - sluggish, inertly going in the unknown direction, a being with the slowed-down reaction. Snider`s monsters are the real sprinters, besides not lost entirely instincts and reflexes.

As well as the predecessor, Snider relied on professionals of the second echelon with not become familiar persons. As an exception of the rule it is possible to consider only Vinga of Reims whose impressive appearance already pleased us in Pulp fiction and spy thriller Mission: it is impracticable . However, it is not so much tradition, how many a compulsory measure - horror films are considered as a low genre and have the modest budget therefore venerable stars refuse to participate because of the low fees or doubtful advantage for career. Though most of present superstars, including DiCaprio, Depp and other, began with horrors. Vot and Sara Polly, the performer of a role En, in 2008 - m was nominated for Oscar, however, not for actor`s, and literary works (the script for the drama Far from it ) . And Ty Burell who played at Snider of a nasty major of Steve shines in comedy series " now; American family .

But the main thing Snider managed that not worse, and places is even better - it is to transfer the atmosphere, to feel immediacy, to display all horror of alternative reality. Short installation, a clip manner of shooting, fast manipulations with close and panoramic ups allow the viewer to estimate tragedy scales in general and to sympathize with each hero separately. At the same time authors have no a fashionable illness and do not seek to bring under sufferings of characters a certain epic pathos - a pier, we will die, but we will find a way to relieve mankind of this infection. Here everyone for, and only God against all. In spite of the fact that the world failed, people continue to be divided into those to whom not all the same and to whom to spit. On those who run ahead, being covered with bodies of companions and who covers backs. On those who are ready to offer themselves for the sake of rescue of group, and those who live by the principle of a hen house - to peck the neighbor and to shit on lower.

As usual, we learn nothing also about what caused the world apocalypse. Before us the pulled-out page from someone`s diary, a piece of the lost film, describing month from life of the casual people who faced need to survive at any cost in the world, suddenly mad from pain and fear. It is that and distinguishes classics of a genre from hollow blockbusters on the " type; Wars of the worlds of Z because before answering the question who is guilty? it is necessary to deal with the question what to do? .