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Ghosts Hunters 2 (1989). But whether not to expel to us the Moldavian tsar?

Slogan of the second part of the well-known tape of Ayven Raytmen Ghosts Hunters says: Ghosts returned and it is vain! It is difficult to argue With this statement, but also return of hunters on screens which - to whom seemed superfluous. Nevertheless, considering as the franchize in 1984 - m successfully started, it was difficult to hope that creators of the movie will calm down on reached. Even remembering

that rare continuation can brag of the fact that it came out better or equal to the original.

After the four of gallant hunters for ghosts swept the huge zephyrous seaman across Manhattan and prevented the next coming to Earth of pagan god Gozer, the city rewarded winners very peculiar. The authorities were revolted with large-scale damage of municipal property, and evil tongues gossiped that before emergence in New - York of specialized group on fight against a paranormalshchina, ghosts and ghosts met to inhabitants Big " apple; far more rare. Everything came to an end in the fact that the office was disbanded, and to Ray, St. Petersburg, to Igon and Winston forbade to be engaged in exile of otherworldly forces in the territory of the country from now on.

Having been out of work, members of group dispersed who where. Ray opened little shop selling occult books and the accompanying goods, periodically together with Winston leaving by the invitation to children`s morning performances. Igon closely was engaged in scientific work, and St. Petersburg after a rupture of the relations with Dana Barrett saved by hunters from tenacious paws of Gozer got a job on television the leader of foolish show about telepathists and psychics.

And again the disturbing call from Dana became the first link in a chain of the strange events preceding reunion of team. Everything began with the fact that the carriage with her son the Oscar began to ride spontaneously down the street. Investigating possible sources of otherworldly forces, hunters find an old branch of the subway on which the river of viscous pink slime flows. And also meet the current boss of Dana, the small foreign restorer Janos restoring an ominous portrait of the Moldavian tyrant and sorcerer of Vigo in the museum. Apparently, the picture, slime and Dana`s child are somehow connected between themselves, but it is worth hurrying because hour of Vigo approaches and hunters should remember the proton radiators which are becoming dusty in the cellar again soon To be fair we will note

that the director and screenwriters of the original, Ayven Raytmen, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Remis, far got not at once to work on the sequel. By itself, studio bosses hurried to remove continuation that the public did not manage to forget about Hunters and that furor that the movie arranged in hire of 1984. However authors approached creation of the second tape fundamentally, the benefit that from shootings of the original there was a sea of ideas and the material which did not enter the first movie, but already finished shooting. However trouble came from there from where did not wait.

Hollywood is called not for nothing factory of dreams . The concept film industry means that any successful idea or plan will be developed until on it it is possible to earn money. For this reason Ghosts Hunters began to acquire quickly " satellites; in the form of books, computer games, comics and toys. And as new heroes were pleasant to children much more, than the adult, on a film studio of Columbia Pictures made the decision to let out in the wake of the movie and the whole animation TV series. The serial animated film under the name Real ghosts hunters came out in 1986 and quickly found popularity at the audience of younger and school age.

Actually, creators of the film franchize fell into a trap own glory. Now they were forced to adapt to heroes of the animated film, that is in a shot it is impossible to talk smut, joke about sex and in general it is necessary to be more positive and decent. To authors it was necessary not only to bring appearance of the main characters into accord with animation prototypes, but also to actively involve in shootings of the sequel of minor characters, including the unsightly accountant Luis Talli, the secretary Janine and even the sklizky and gluttonous green monster by name Lizun . Not to mention that scientists suddenly sharply ceased to pitch cigarettes, and ghosts and ghosts were not so terrible, and even amusing as that couple of the murderers roasted on an electric chair that soars over the heads of hunters in a trial scene.

The circle became isolated. Commercially right miscalculation was financially insolvent. No, the tape all the same made for creators notable profit and even entered ten the most cash projects of 1989, but in the sum earned twice less money, than the original. And it without inflation. A bright example of the fact that all cannot be pleasant: so far producers hit the ceiling to increase audience at the expense of children, their parents preferred more serious movies, it seems Wars of spouses of Rose Batman and Societies of dead poets .

At the same time it is impossible to tell that the sequel is unambiguous worse. In - the first, did without personnel replacements, all performers returned to the heroes, including Remis, Aykroyd, Weaver, Murray and Moranis. In - the second, on a third the budget grew up, and together with it special effects improved. And, at last, the plot became more clear and logically coherent as this time already nobody hurried and the scenario was rewritten several times before Raytmen and the company started shootings. And nevertheless a movie star Bill Murray admitted later interview that it is extremely disappointed with the received result: In a tape there were too little we and too much " slime;.

From the moment of an exit of the second Hunters quarter of the century passed already. Ayven Raytmen almost departed from director`s affairs, shooting at best one movie of times in four years. To all key actors already for sixty and if Weaver and Murray still actively act in at film and do not gather for pension, then Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson finally were drawn and shine on television more, and even prefer to stay behind scenes, dubbing animated films. As well as the magnificent comedian Ric Moranis last time appearing on the big screen in 1997 (extremely unsuccessful trequel Darling we reduced ourselves ).

Rumors about the third part ply across Hollywood already several years, but things are right where they started. At first the project was put a spoke in the wheel old times by Murray concordant to participate in the movie only in the presence of the cool scenario. While there were negotiations and even found a way to persuade Raytmen, Harold Remis suddenly died, and the scenario will demand processing again. And recently the term " is even more often mentioned; restart of the franchize what means how it is sad that the new movie will be new in everything, and it is already a reason for separate conversation.