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Ghosts Hunters (1984). How fought against the paranormal phenomena in 80 - x?

How to create a film masterpiece for all times? The unambiguous recipe does not exist at least because other movies become hits contrary to everything. Just like that there were stars. Though if to look narrowly, then and heavenly bodies do not guarantee unambiguous success. Or perhaps the matter is that it is necessary to approach work with soul and eagerness, to work not for the fee, and on result?

B 1984 the American audience in bulk went on the atypical comedy with impurity of a fantasy and mysticism under the name Ghosts Hunters . The enthusiasm of creators of a picture paid off a hundredfold - following the results of a year Hunters took the second place, having paid back expenses by more than seven times. And everything began with what the famous television comedian Dan Aykroyd offered the companion and the workmate according to the movie Brothers Blues To John Belushi to shoot film about the travelers in time battling against ghosts and ghosts.

It happened so that doctor Peter Venkman and his colleagues Ray and Igon studying the paranormal phenomena suddenly appeared out of work when the native institute covered their researches, froze a grant and sent scientists to free floating. An exit from a deplorable situation two: or to get a job in private office where for each allocated kopek will tear up three skins, or to open the business. And then, having put Ray`s apartment in bank, the Trinity organizes agency on fight against otherworldly forces.

Business proceeds so-so. Having lowered all obtained finance on the equipment and surroundings (suits, rent of the former fire station and the special car), scientists kill time waiting for clients. On their happiness in New - York really quite often there is a devilry - in library the old woman`s ghost - knigolyubk is shown, the sklizky green flyer terrorizes respectable hotel. Having armed with proton radiators, Peter, Ray and Igon eradicate newcomers from the parallel worlds and gradually win popularity at the population.

However small incidents are only part of a puzzle. The city is in expectation of global paranormal catastrophe with which it will be much more difficult to cope, than to drive into a corner the next sickly ghost. The lonely violoncellist Dana claims that demonic Something lives in her refrigerator, calling himself Zuul. Doctor Venkman who like sympathy for the girl offers it the feasible help, without knowing yet that Dana`s apartment, as well as the building designed by the mad architect is a portal to other worlds As we see

, the original version of the scenario including movements in time, was rejected by studio. Mostly because of high cost of the project. When Harold Remis and Ayven Raytmen were connected to creation of the movie, it was decided to concentrate action in the present, having compensated lack of large-scale special effects and adventures by romanticism and humour.

It was succeeded to decide on the lyrical line quickly as Sigourney Weaver, a star of the fantastic thriller Stranger was one of the first who agreed to participate in the movie. Worse the situation was with comic actors. The matter is that it was initially scripted counting on top stars of that period - Eddie Murphy, Jonah Belushi and John Candy. And if the hope for successful negotiations with Murphy still glimmered, then the trouble of other property - in 1982 happened to Belushi - the m the actor suddenly died from the heart attack caused by drug overdose. As a result and the black comedian refused in favor of the criminal tape The Police officer from Beverley is Hillz . And, by the way, did not lose because Martin Brest`s picture became the leader of hire following the results of a year, having slightly overtaken Hunters on collecting.

Therefore Aykroyd and Remis decided to save on the fees to the invited stars and to play independently. The third and as it became clear later, the most successful acquisition there was Bill Murray, one more bright character from structure of the show Saturday evening on the air . Murray introduced missing notes of mischief and improvisation in the project. Especially the public liked its cynical sword-plays with teammates and clumsy habits of Don Juan.

Why Ghosts Hunters but not, let us assume, Gremlins the third Star Trek or Terminator come out in the same 1984? The recipe of success was simple and banal - the enthusiasm of creators and their desire to create something enchanting were so strong that no obstacles and obstacles could stop them on the way to glory. Even the fact that the tape was let out before the planned term, with the left unfinished visual effects and with tears in a plot. Nobody noticed lapses because history of pseudo scholars - fighters of ghosts, fascinates from first minutes and releases to the most final credits on which the well-known song of Ray Parker - younger sounds.

Considering specialization of authors of the movie, Hunters - more adventure comedy, than fantasy or mysticism. But thanks to mixture of genres at cinema it was succeeded to attract not only admirers of talent Murray or Aykroyd, but also the numerous youth audience which pecked on a fantastic plot.

Horses on a crossing are not thrown therefore the decision on creation of the sequel was made without delay. But here, thank God, perfectionism of creators, in particular Murray and Remis who refused to work in a hurry was fully shown and to rivet continuations as pies. As a result the second part was issued only five years later and it turned out not less amusing and interesting, than the original.

Parallel to work on the sequel on television the long-playing cartoon serial " was started; Real ghosts hunters the part of which was shown also on the Russian blue screens. All key characters of an animated cartoon were copied from heroes of the feature film, however on it similarity also came to an end especially as the animation version held on on air of the whole 5 years and 7 seasons.