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How to make that the old house began to sound in a new way?

If you are dissatisfied with your today`s dwelling if you do not want to come back from work there if you live dreams of future house, reflect - whether you should not try to appreciate the present moment, to live today, but not tomorrow?

Nobody speaks that it is necessary to refuse the purpose, but to make your today`s house cozier already now, to make it the place of relaxation after heavy day of work, and your everyday life - filled with a positive, quite in your forces. Ourselves create the world. How? You have five sense organs - influence everyone.

1. Sight

of Design recommendations, how visually to expand small space how to combine " colors; and so forth - great variety, and many of them are quite simple and available. Here we will concern trifles of which, however, and life consists.

Take care of lighting - it has to be pleasant personally to you! If at you energy saving bulbs, perhaps, it is better if it is so-called warm light . Several small light sources instead of one powerful chandelier on a ceiling often happen the best decision for creation of cozy space. If you in the house have a wall which is lit every day by a decline - hang up the glass beads of the different size strung on a scaffold there. Or put on the way of sunshine a subject which will reflect this light - a gilded vase, for example Generally, experiment.

Make something for your house. Oh, it is not said here that you have to sew all textiles or lay out a difficult mosaic on walls - if you on it have neither forces, nor time, nor abilities! We speak about trifles which are available to everyone - it is only worth finding for them a little time and the desire. Collect composition from what you will find on walk - and it is not important whether there will be it flowers, dry leaves, or just picturesquely curved branches. At each season - present the gifts with them and your house. Make the house the unique place!

2. Hearing

nature Sounds, any music pleasant to you - include it more often. To the apartment where only the puncher of the neighbors doing repair is constantly audible, there is a wish to come back less. If you in the house have a place where appears - turn a shortcoming into advantage: hang up on the way of a current of air " wind music; - the Chinese hand bells which wide choice can be found in shops of souvenirs. Only before to make a purchase, listen carefully to a ring - it has to be quiet, pleasant and unostentatious not to irritate you further.

3. Sense of smell

the whole scientific articles on influence of essential oils on physical and sincere health of the person Exist - use these remarkable properties! Now it is possible to find many types of essential oils in drugstores, and they cost absolutely not much. Buy an aromolampa and light it in the dark evenings - it will create the unique atmosphere of a cosiness and romanticism.

You want to go further? Wash up floors hot water with addition, for example, of essential oil of a pine - and open windows more widely. You as if will appear in a pinery! Pine oil perfectly disinfects air, helps at alarm and sleeplessness.

4. Touch

Such trifle as a small rug with soft long pile near your bed which your legs will feel as the first in new day it is capable to brighten up early awakening and the forthcoming difficult working day. And if the most part of day you wear the strict business suit holding you within you can always remember with pleasure that the house you is waited by a soft fluffy dressing gown, in which you you will dive having left full magnificent foam of a bathtub. Do not refuse to yourself this pleasure - to take a bath at the end of the day.

5. Taste

you do not eat the house At all? It does not matter - just make to yourself small zapasik what you love. Perhaps it will be mix of dried fruits with nuts, maybe, fruit in a beautiful vase Make such NZ and for suddenly appeared suddenly guests: in a one-liter jar layers fill a glass of flour, 6 tablespoons of cocoa - powder, a half of a glass of white sugar, a half - brown; the last layer - one more glass of flour with four teaspoons of a baking powder. Surely attach a piece of paper to a neck not to forget: at sudden appearance of guests to mix everything, to pour in two glasses of warm milk and to bake magnificent chocolate cake in an oven.

Such magic bank, put on a foreground, besides will add charm to an interior of your kitchen.

Self-made candies, tea mixes, several jars of the crackling salty cucumbers - yes anything! All you need is - for taste. Taste to life...