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Witches Hunters (2012). Born murderers based on fairy tales of brothers Grimm?

In a system of fenteziyny boyevichok arrived. After glamourous Little Red Riding Hood and sad Snow White and hunter Hollywood Grimm about Ganzel and Gretel, and also the witch remembered existence of the gloomy fairy tale of brothers, a gingerbread lodge and a parental lawlessness.

If Red " cap; entrusted to spoil to the woman - the director Catherine Hardwicke why a story about the granddaughter, the grandmother and a wolf desperately reminded soap series Twilight and Snow White handed to the director - the debutant Rupert Sanders, with Witches Hunters decided to arrive absolutely otherwise. Nobody was going to picturize the well-known plot a letter in a letter, these are bad manners. And came to someone to mind light thought to invite to the captain`s bridge of the Norwegian cinematographer Tommie Virkolu who became famous in 2009 for the first Scandinavian zombyatnik under the name Operation Dead snow .

In the childhood Ganzel and his sister Gretel got a terrible psychological trauma: under the screen of night the father brought children from the house, took away in an impassable thicket and left in outer darkness on death. However clever children did not disappear in the wood, and pobluzhdav on vicinities, left to a nice lodge - gingerbread. Here also it became clear that the hut not only looks funny, but also on taste it is pleasant. Having eaten a sweet tile and having licked a sun blind, Ganzel and Gretel made breaking with penetration in hope for hospitable reception of owners. Alas, the furious and terrible witch who without effort coped with children and was going whether to have supper was behind beautiful packing, whether to have breakfast.

The harmful stupid person did not know that before making children orphans, the mother whispered over them the paternoster preserving Ganzel and Gretel against any kinds of black magic. So to eat to the witch did not leave, and left most to appear in an oven. And the brother with the sister slammed a door and safely dumped from a mousetrap.

Passed to tsat years. The grown-up Ganzel and Gretel got skilled to kill witches in all ways known to science - from banal burning on a fire to a partition and execution. Traveling around the country, they find traces of vile creatures everywhere that steal children and fly on brooms. The glory of hunters is ahead of them, but in line the town in which the situation is absolutely nevazhnetsk. Local say that the real Supreme witch whose servants dragged off already 11 boys and girls lodged in the woods. Apparently, some grandiose event, like the world sabbath on which children will be sacrificed, most likely, is planned. Ganzel and Gretel arm and fearlessly go to the wood to release younger generation

Strangely enough, but in series of the last fantastic reincarnations Witches Hunters look not so bad as can seem at first sight. In - the first, it is not the fairy tale which is bashfully covered with PG rating - 13, and a full-fledged and frank mockery on the set subject. In - the second, Tommie Virkola managed to contain the masterpiece 127 minutes of screen time, including credits, having as much as possible reduced chatter and having cut down disclosure of characters according to Stanislavsky. It turned out vigorous disposable chukalovo with the violence level, unusual for a genre, a small shred of an exposed flesh and abundance of scenes of mutilation. By analogy with the previous opus of the Norwegian this should have been called Operation Dead wood .

Than to us will be remembered Witches Hunters if are remembered in general? First of all, non-standard set of means of fight against witches. Remembering that in Van Helsinge the main character real was active a semi-automatic arbalest, Virkola in general decided not to bother and armed Ganzel and Gretel to the teeth. During the era described by authors machine guns and trunks with which hunters manage justice, look as pertinently as blasters in World War I. But we will not forget that before us circus representation therefore in medieval interiors quickly you get used to firing especially as vedmochka move smartly and even from bullets turn aside more purely than others elite Neo .

Certainly, it is worth thanking specialists in a make-up and special effects: never before cine witches looked so badly. In good sense of this word. However, from time to time they look like the zombie more, but if neither those, nor others in real life are observed (thank God), we remove claims. The previous opus of Virkola cost creators 800 thousand dollars, and it is difficult to call it amateurish from the visual point of view. On Hunters 50 million were spent, neither more nor less, and all this money on the screen is visible with the naked eye. By the way, armed too because the picture was shown at cinema and in the 3D format.

They say that for Gretel`s role such eminent actresses as Eva Green, Dian Kruger and Noomi Rapace were tried. I believe, Greene would look interestingly, but the Frenchwoman preferred to debut in computer blockbusters a role of a rascally admiralsha in the sequel 300 Spartans . There krovishch was even more so Eve did not lose. Kruger would hardly descend for an abrupt istrebitelnitsa of evil spirits, and Noomi Rapace, at all respect, does not pull the invoice. As a result the studio stopped on the candidacy of Gemma Arterton who already participated in similar projects twice ( Fight of titans and Prince of Persia ) also proved from the best party. As for Jeremy Renner, to him god ordered to move with the person and to try to make jokes later is hefty serious sorties in spy thrillers and comics of the company Marvel.

As usual, the primitive plot on which bad and good characters steadily meet a forehead in a forehead in final bloody slaughter with so natural hepp - endy became a weak link of a tape predictably. The fairy tale everything is though children should not show similar stories for the night. There is no need to look them at how bad to the uncle the weighty troll steps on the head, and the nice aunty cuts off to other aunties, not so nice, the heads and other extremities. Virkola, of course, was delayed wonderfully well, but except plentiful mutilation and several well-aimed gags it was worth working more diligent over the scenario. It turned out as usual - came, saw, wetted.