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Return Saint " Onions; (1970). The detective story which was not?

Very often we face that the movies which are allegedly based on real events with reality have nothing in common. In half of cases it is only the marketing mix allowing to attract in movie theaters of the viewer.

And the course so primitive, unartful and discrediting themselves that many cinematographers should argue nearly furiously now that yes, is valid, their scenario is based not on imaginations and inventions, and on acts of the real people.

However in rare instances in the movie consciously missed any binding to reality. Example such forgetfulness the famous Soviet detective story " can serve; Return Saint " Onions; (1970) director Anatoly Bobrovsky. Inhabitants of the Soviet Union did not know that the well-known cloth of the Dutch portraitist Frans Hals actually was stolen from an exhibition in the Pushkin museum in March, 1965. The picture was found by mere chance and to hide misses in work of state machinery, shot a feature film in which modified everything, okromya the fact of plunder and return of a portrait to the place in gallery.

The message comes to the Moscow militia: from jails the dangerous thief - the recidivist Karabanov Mikhail Ivanovich by nickname Graf ran away. Well, ran away and it is fine, all the same, sooner or later, will fall back into the old ways and will sit down back. So the skilled Moscow Criminal Investigation Department officer colonel Zorin argues.

Zorin appeared the rights - the girlfriend Grafa working in commission shop brings together the burglar with the speculator Loskutov. The last trades long ago and successfully in the fact that he trades in icons, rare books, antiques and other antiquities. Business is profitable, though under the law penal. However this time Loskutov threatened on sacred also conceived to steal the real masterpiece by request of the foreign buyer. The speculator will not get into the museum, the gut is thin and is not trained in thieves` skill, and it is necessary to switch-off the alarm system still. Here also it does the favorable offer to the criminal.

Graf too not a bast the board, feels that Loskutov deceives him from shares. Therefore decides to hold a stolen picture at itself not to sell too cheap. It also is clear, under the Soviet laws for theft of the state property, especially in especially large sizes, could punish very strictly so the Count Karabanov understood that he goes va - bank. And if not the colonel Zorin, and also nonsense and Loskutov`s greed, then it is quite possible that Saint of " Onions; could settle forever in a private foreign collection

First of all we will talk that there is a truth and that - fiction. Well, stole a picture, there was a business, so returned. However, to rustle with it Saint Luka guided it that all Moscow stood on ears. Whether the joke, the Minister of Culture Furtseva was about to say goodbye to the cozy office. Even business reached KGB, and as a result a grief - the pilferer got by mere chance. Having despaired to sell a picture, he went to shop and chose in crowd of the first citizen foreign exteriors who was the employee of counterintelligence. The rest - a trick: agreed about the price and in the appointed place tied the thief together with polichny.

But unless there could be in the USSR such shocking history? Officially - no. And if could, then in other look. Than not an excellent plot for the detective movie which could show once again harmonious work of the Soviet militiamen and all wretchedness of the antisocial elements which coveted national property. Unfortunately, screenwriters fell short of the detective because that genre assumes existence of an intrigue, and in our case all intrigue in how quickly valorous militia will catch the Count Karabanov.

For a role of the colonel Zorin took the actor Vsevolod Sanayev checked by time who for the long career managed to stay both the Red Army man, and the worker, and the militiaman. His character is very gray and sad against resourceful robbers, but he should untangle so politically important issue. Suprotiv Zorina plays the whole team - Karabanov (Dvorzhetsky), Loskutov (Basilashvili), and still the overseas buyer in the person of Paul Butquevich and the gone astray shop assistant of a consignment shop Polina (Ekaterina Vasilyeva).

The personality Grafa - such honest thief playing the game is of the greatest interest here. For young Vladislav Dvorzhetsky Return Saint " Onions; became the second movie in actor`s career after well-known Races . It will be later Solaris Sannikov`s Earth Captain Nemo and Legend of Thiele . And the unexpected tragedy which happened to the actor on tours - the heart attack which tore off life of such talented and perspective performer with bright, non-standard appearance and the sea of charm. Till offered Dvorzhetsky a role ungrateful, but also here the actor managed to take everything that could. To admit honestly, this is the only character of the movie to which necessarily you like respect and sympathy though authors would like that the viewer empathized Zorin, but not the cool criminal.

Basilashvili, as always, is disgusting. Here precisely gift to represent any rascals on the screen. Loskutov - not only the resourceful swindler trading in objects of art but also the person capable a minute of a sincere distemper to betray and even to kill. On its background all other participants stealing of a century look lambs of God.

As a result if not to know true facts of the case Saint " Onions; everything turned out it is white and fluffy: the Soviet militia - on a horse, the criminal - in law hands, a picture comes back to the place, and to the greedy capitalist - a fig without oil. Actually searches of a portrait took more than half a year internals, and the paymaster of the crime managed to disown from the performer and quietly continued to do favorite thing.

Worst of all that so far the cloth pined behind an oven in the apartment of the pilferer, it nearly came to full worthlessness. Only thanks to professionalism and skill of restorers Saint of " Onions; Hals received a rebirth and returned to the native Odessa museum. And we would hardly learn very much about this picture if not the inexperienced joiner - the furniture maker dreaming to become the great artist.