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Starpertsy (2013). How there took place the last party in Vegas?

As it are regrettable, but megastars 70 - 80 - x strongly grew old years. Did not become outdated, namely grew old. It does not prevent them to be still the center of general attention, however for present generation of the audience they really turned in starpertsev - star old men, whose glory and triumphs remained last century. Recently Hollywood quite often began to release

the projects drawing a certain invisible line. Not benefit performance, not a farewell chord, but nevertheless. In 2007 - m Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman on couple participated in the drama Did not kick the bucket " Yet; telling about two old men who in a presentiment of the fast end decided to enjoy life to the full. And if Freeman continued after that work, then for Nicholson it was, actually, the last feature film of a wide release. Magnificent Jack, the three-time winner of the Oscar, to which in April, 2014 - go it will be executed, it dread to think, 77 years, does not act in at film any more.

Three more remarkable performers - Al Pacino, Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken, nicely annealed in a recent criminal flik Real guys . They for three is already more than two hundred have some, and they continue to scorch from guns and to play cool gangsters.

The next nostalgic tape left also at the end of 2013 under the name Last Vegas . In Russia in which - that eyelids very successfully translated John Terteltauba`s picture in Starpertsev hinting at the status and age of the main participants of the project. To exclaim just right as the character Yurskogo in Love and pigeons : Oh, and to them 70! . Yes, friends, both Michael Douglas, and Robert De Niro already closely approached the eighth ten, and to Morgan Freeman 76 knocked. But actors still perfectly look and are obviously not going to leave for deserved rest.

When to you under seventy, you will not tell any more that life only begins . Not to fat to be I would live. Therefore Sam resignedly agrees to attend classes in fitness together with the spouse, and the hip with a titanic insert has an effect, and the knee plays pranks recently. And here Archie for a long time one, but does not despond though from available entertainments he had a sit-round gathering with the juvenile granddaughter and soap TV series. After the had Archie`s stroke keeps to a day regimen, a diet and swallows of tablets more often than blinks.

Paddy was not lucky more than the others: a year ago he buried the beloved wife Sofie, and now leads a solitary life. His favourite clothes - a worn dressing gown, the apartment are forced by photos of the spouse, and from guests - only the neighbour`s girl who is feeding up the old man home-made soups and dreaming to marry off him to the granny. And only Billey continues to try to look younger, and was even going to marry for the first time, and on the girl is twice younger than himself.

On this significant event Billey rings round the friends to invite them to celebrate a wedding in Vegas. Sam and Archie agree to support the companion, and Paddy does not hurry to share pleasure of the friend especially as for quite some time now they are in offices, Billey did not seem on Sofie`s funeral, and in youth they were unseparable. Besides Paddy doubts that his friend has sincere feelings to the bride, but nevertheless agrees to join a party. Who knows, maybe, it is their last sortie to Vegas and came it is time to sort out the relations and to place all points over yo

The mixed feelings, friends, Terteltauba`s tape caused in me. On the one hand, it is pleasant to see the favourite actors sneering at own respectable age. With another - very much everything is predictable and is primitive as if different way to show availability of gunpowder in powder flasks and was not. In Hollywood two tendencies: or to remember dashing youth in a fighting rack as Stallone, Schwartz and others, or to shake a body on a dance floor. By the way, nothing is new under the moon if to remember the remarkable fantastic opus Cocoon in which the pensioners who unexpectedly looked younger a body and a break - dens annealed, and sleepless nights at nursing home arranged. But there this was caused by a plot whereas in Starpertsakh the seventy-year-old friends who seized upon Vegas just finish own organisms, being dipped into the last inflow of moral and physical decay.

Despite fantastically star cast, Terteltaub removed a plain romantic tape which, alas, does not give surprises. If to wave fists - that De Niro, to give a valuable advice to younger generation - Freeman, to enchant girls - Douglas, and Kevin Kline will shy try to change all movie to the wife, visually confirming an aphorism about to a gray hair in a beard . This The Hangover it turned out not so bright and memorable for the viewer as it would be desirable. Benefit performance did not come out, despite touching recognitions, rare drama splashes and the aroma of affected optimism soaring in air. In total - the original name of a picture characterizes an events essence more precisely, and this Vegas indeed can become the last for the four of bosom friends.

Despite reserved responses of critics, the tape everything is swept not bad, when still will have the luck to see so different in character, but equally venerable performers in one shot. Only, in fact, it also became the only bait for the viewer because for the rest the scenario of Dan Fogelman who was earlier writing plots for Disney and Pixar studio ( Rapunzel Wheelbarrows ), goes to pieces. Perhaps, to the screenwriter who yet did not live into the old age not to comprehend yet that at the age described by him many things become not necessary or optional not owing to advanced years, and just because indeed.