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Peter de Hokh, Two soldiers, servant and trumpeter . Drank and what`s next?

Peter de Hokh, the Dutch artist of the 17th century, devoted to leisure military several pictures. One of them - Two soldiers, servant and trumpeter - displays a sketch in unpretentious circumstances. an inn Stable - under the left hand of the servant the horse croup is visible to

and the tail blackens. Above - a mow, it is visible on the right a ladder on which it is possible to get upward (by the way, the floor of a stable is paved by a six-sided tile).

Outside - summer, solarly. As the classic, " told; weather favors to love .

Why boozers chose such place? It is logical to assume that in the house (the stable is attached, the door to the house is visible on the right) where soldiers settled down on a billeting, everything is hammered, and these three found a corner more quietly. And it is not the first case of such pastime: in total on call - a little table, chairs, ware. And wine was brought by the servant.

Drink thoroughly, already smoked on a tube and now play a beaker, more precisely - finish. It must be assumed that wine in a jug already ended, remained only the fact that in a beaker at red-nosed.

The servant takes away an empty jug, and the soldier something speaks to her. And a look at it questioning, and a smile ambiguous. Perhaps, he asks to bring still, and the servant so indulgently answers that she supposedly will be enough. Or he asks still something, and she orders not to hurry to him supposedly not now. Though, in principle, it and not against, very much it is affable. And appearance at it suitable: moustaches, curls. In any case, the smile at it not to tell - promising, but sympathizing.

About the name - most likely, the name is given not by the artist. It is undoubted that sitting at the left - the soldier, on him a cuirass. And the fact that collapsed and drinks, is dressed in civil (can be, it and is the commander, just took off from himself a cuirass; now will put on - and a parade-ground?) . Got drunk to a state though take out . Does not feel responsibility - to it not on service. Both itself it is drunk, and gaiters at it separately: one above, another below. However, a hat in a hand - the evidence of its intention to leave, here it is only necessary to finish off this beaker.

Quite strange set of characters: if two soldiers and the servant - are logical, then at what here the trumpeter? It is somehow allocated from the company: also it is dressed more brightly and more richly, costs to all a back. Moreover also blows! What for? to Whom? Somewhere nearby barracks or houses for a billeting? Where the commander who gave the order to blow? And why it is necessary to blow when still it is possible to drink? And maybe, it blows to brother-soldiers that they joined? Perhaps, he naprinimatsya already so what lost hold on reality and imagined himself on review?

Strictly speaking, the trumpeter looks the most sober in this company (though he is shown from a back). It it is accurate, dandyish it is dressed: sword, sling, magnificent hat, red gaiters, crimson raincoat.

Perhaps, events developed a little differently. Some big chief decided whether to act in a campaign, whether to stage drills. Also began to bring together the soldiers. First of all, it gave a task to find commanders that they disposed about the general collecting. The trumpeter (in this concrete case) went to search and found that which was necessary to it, reported it the order higher and right there received the order to blow the general collecting. Directly from the place on which it was.

Now the officer (red-nosed) will drink up a beaker, will put on that he removed before a booze, will bring a horse out of a stable and will lead the soldiers on a parade-ground. And the cuirassier (very much can be, it is the closest assistant and the commander`s friend, in combination - the drinking companion) will manage to agree with the servant about all he wanted to agree about (otherwise why was to draw a mow?) .

And what can be after collecting? Or they will be sent to fight, or they will return to a stable and will continue the drinkable and other games...