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How to make rural fruit liqueur on - Polish?

Fall - expanse for the house wine maker. Berries and fruit abundance, god ordered to process part of a harvest into wine or home-made fruit liqueur -. But the offered recipe old Polish, nowadays almost forgotten, the " fruit liqueurs; rural assumes the beginning of production not in the fall, and in the spring when on trees the first sticky leaflets are hardly dismissed.

Recipe of this home-made fruit liqueur rather labor-consuming. Just like that to fill up something in vodka and to stand a bottle in the dark corner for a month - another - insufficiently. For a start it is necessary to walk in the wood and to collect a few bulked-up kidneys or svezheraspustivshikhsya leaves of a birch or a hazel grove. It is possible and not to walk in the wood if the birch grows near the house. This ingredient is not required much, about 10 grams on 0,5 liters of vodka.

On it preparatory activities for the home-made " fruit liqueur; rural do not come to an end. Now a turn to bake bread. More precisely - grain flat cake. The test requires a glass rye and one and a half glasses of wheat flour of a rough grinding. Why rough? And from where in a country hut thin flour will undertake? Fruit liqueur, we will remember, rural.

Stiff dough is kneaded on boiled, salty and chilled water without yeast and other additives. Dough is rolled in flat pancake, do cutting by a lattice and baked at a temperature about 300 degrees of minutes of 15 - 20, it will not be reddened yet.

Ready " pie; leave to reach at the room temperature under a towel approximately for days or slightly less. For the next day about a quarter of kilogram of flat cake should be crumbed in a pan, to mix with kidneys, leaves and raisin and to fill in with liter with a quarter of (1,25 l) vodka. To put to the dark place and to insist two weeks.

You think, in two weeks it is already possible to drink? It is possible, of course, if too thirst torments. It is possible and not to contact kidneys and flat cake at all, and just one and a half liters to hlobysnut vodka. But to receive the real rural fruit liqueur, in two weeks of insisting of bread on vodka process should be continued.

In two weeks tincture to get and filter. In olden days filtered dense homespun fabric, today it is possible to apply something more perfect, and it is possible to use experience of ancestors.

The following operation - in a pan to dismiss (to dissolve) 200 grams of sugar on a glass of hot light beer and to accurately merge the filtered tincture there. Everything carefully to mix, allow to cool down and pour in a glass container.

The packaged semi-finished product to leave alone for few months, will not brighten up yet. Now the " fruit liqueur made in house conditions; rural it is possible to use to destination. Color at rural fruit liqueurs - pleasant zolotisto - brown. Aroma - characteristic, taste - it is bitterish - sweet. Content of sugar in fruit liqueur about 10%. It is recommended to use cooled to 8 - 10 degrees.

In conclusion - the complete list of ingredients : 1 glasses of rye flour of a rough grinding, 1,5 glasses of wheat flour of a rough grinding, 2 - 3 g of salt, 30 g of kidneys and leaves of a birch or hazel grove, 20 - 30 highlights, 200 g of sugar, 0,25 l of light beer, 1,25 l of vodka.

On health!