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What is hinkat?

Strictly speaking, hinkat - it is not a dish, but the whole complex of dishes...

This and boiled meat (as a rule, mutton, but use also chicken meat), and flat cakes from the test (here variations a set, and I so understand that from a way of preparation of these flat cakes, and depends on their size, a form and a type of the test what hinkat you eat or you prepare (Lezghin - thin, Avarian - thick up to 1 cm, punctured with a fork, Dargwa - with walnuts, Lak - in the form of an ear, or still some... kinds of a hinkal - tens), and sauce (sauces tomato, on broth and on dairy products like sour cream, kefir are most widespread), and broth in which cooked itself also hinkat, and meat.

Total we should prepare not one dish today, but whole four... But to be fair it is necessary to notice that the result unambiguously costs the made efforts.

Ingredients . For the test: 1 egg, glass of warmish water, 1 teaspoon of salt and half a kilogram of flour. For broth: one chicken, bulb and carrots, bay leaf, black pepper peas and salt.

Properly we wash a chicken in flowing water, we cut on portion pieces. In total in a saucepan, we fill in with cold water, we add a bulb, bay leaf and carrots and we put to cook. After boiling we diminish fire, we salt, we pepper and we cook longer on slow fire to readiness.

While chicken cooks, we do sauces. Tomatoes (either fresh, or preserved in own juice), garlic, greens, salt, sugar, pepper and a little vegetable and butter will be necessary for tomato sauce. For milk sauce - grams 200 - 250 sour creams or dense kefir, salt, garlic and greens. We cut greens and garlic with a stock, we use them for one sauce which we will make on the basis of broth which at this moment and cooks.

(Without skin) small we cut tomatoes or we rub on a large grater and uvarivay them on a frying pan with addition of vegetable oil until from tomatoes excess liquid is evaporated and they, respectively, do not thicken. Sauce is added some salt, we pepper and we add a little sugar to counterbalance tomato natural sourness.

Small we cut garlic and greens. It will be better if we do not just cut garlic, but also as if we will mash it (the mortar in this option would be ideal).

Uvarivshiysya we pour sauce in a sauce-boat, we add garlic, greens and it is a little butter. Well we mix and we allow sauce to be drawn.

For milk sauce we add the same davlenny garlic, greens and salt to sour cream. We mix everything, and... it is ready.

And one more option: we add greens and davlenny garlic to broth... very tasty. Now will be from what to choose...

I made dough, as on our favourite pelmeni. For declared by me earlier Lezghin hinkal dough we roll thinly... 1 - 2 mm. Also we cut it on rombik of 22 cm (approximately). We shake excess flour.

As the chicken cooked - we are in the home stretch. We get it from broth. Broth is filtered. Carrots and onions are thrown out.

Broth is returned on fire and as soon as it begins to boil again, we boil in it hinkat, watching that it did not stick together (so, all the time stirring slowly), we cook minutes 5 - 7. Ready hinkat it is shifted in a separate dish. It is possible that did not stick together, to water a little with vegetable oil.

And everything we give - both separately boiled chicken, and sauces, and hinkat, and separately a bulyonchik... All! Let everyone take itself(himself) what personally is pleasant to it more, and it is so much how many to it it seems correct and tasty. Appetite pleasant to you!