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What on having a snack? We cook sandwiches

it would Seem that can be simpler than some sandwich: put everything that will be in the refrigerator, on a bread slice - and it is ready! But at desire even usual sandwich can become the real culinary masterpiece.

Cheese potatoes sandwiches

It will be required by

to i : 4 slices of bread with bran, 1 egg, 20 g of cheese, 1 large boiled potatoes, 20 g of butter, black pepper, salt.

Grate cheese, potatoes on a large grater and connect to the softened oil. Add the crushed onions and crude egg, pepper. Grease pieces of bread with the turned-out mix and send to the warmed oven. Bake before formation of a ruddy crust.

salty fish Sandwiches

Will be required to

: 4 slices of white bread, 250 g of small salty fish (sprat, capelin, etc.) 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil, several garlic gloves, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, pepper, salt.

Wash out fish and cut her on fillet, if necessary salt. Add the crushed garlic and pound everything to uniform gruel. Gradually pour in oil, pepper and add vinegar. Smear grain slices with fish weight and send to an oven. Give on a table hot.

the Closed sandwich with a mozzarella

Will be required to

: French baguette, 10 red sweet pepper, 1/4 glass of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of the crushed basil, 450 g of a mozzarella, salt.

Cut pepper in half, clear of seeds and spread out on a lattice. Bake in an oven of 15 minutes. Turn halves and bake some more minutes. Husk the cooled-down pepper and crush them in the blender to a uniform state. Salt, add a basil and oil. Cut a baguette lengthways. Take out a crumb from both halves, fill one with a mozzarella, another - a pepper stuffing. Before giving cut a baguette for the portion. Tartinki`s

with an omelet


- one of kinds of sandwiches. In fact, it is hot appetizer which basis is made by the fried bread slice.

For a tartinok with an omelet 4 in advance fried bread pieces, 2 eggs, on 30 g of green onions and spinach, 20 g of milk and butter are required . Shake up eggs with milk, connect to chopped greens and fry an omelet on butter. Cut an omelet for the portions coinciding by the size with grain slices, and lay out them on bread. It is better to give such tartinka still warm. Tartinki`s

with tomato paste

is necessary for

On 6 slices of white bread 70 g of cheese, 1 egg, 15 g of tomato paste, 20 g of butter, chili powder, vegetable oil for frying.

Fry bread on fat or oil. Connect grated cheese, crude egg, tomato paste and the softened butter, salt, it is possible to season with red pepper. Carefully mix mix and smear with it bread. Send sandwiches to the warmed oven. Such tartinka can be given with vegetable broth.

the Hamburger with beef

to us will be required to

4 round rolls, 400 g of beef, a salad bunch, tomatoes, onions.

Cut rolls in half and fry on the one hand. Turn meat via the meat grinder, salt, add couple of spoons of vegetable oil. Roll forcemeat between two layers of polyethylene in thin layer (about 0,5 mm). By means of a cup cut out cutlets and fry them on both sides.

Cover a roll half with a lettuce leaf, lay out cutlet, decorate with ringlets of onions and slices of tomato and cover with the second half of a roll. The hamburger is ready! Sharp toasts

Moisten with

slices of white bread in milk (bread should not razmoknut) and lay out on them weight from the grated cheese and butter mixed in equal shares, from above strew with red pepper and salt. Send toasts to the warmed oven.

Bon appetit!